Saturday, August 8, 2009

Latest Vaccine information

Vaccinations impairing blood flow, creating diseases and death

May I suggest you begin by watching the 7 minute youtube video regarding the “Swine Flu” pandemic (W.H.O. Highest Level 6) which reinforces my independent investigation of this CRISIS. There are many disconcerting facts regarding this pandemic, and how it was and is being presented by media and governmental agencies.


Much more factual information, and preparatory materials can be found at the following:




4 If you don’t want to be forcibly vaccinated with experimental chemicals and biologicals or quarantined outside your home for an unknown duration, then demand your elected officials provide a reasonable 3rd alternative (self-shielding). If you think the WHO and government’s response to H1N1 is being hyped, please investigate the appearance of and onset of reporting, the type of recombinant virus, the results of using adjuvant in vaccines, and follow the money and the timelines involved.

Go here and then try to refute it.

Are you going to have your pregnant wife and children vaccinated?

State laws will not automatically insure that you can opt out. Submit from The World Health Organizations (United Nations Body) Guidance Document for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response pg.21, printed in 2005.

“The International Health Regulations (2005) also referred to as IHR (2005), are an international legal instrument adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2005.12 They are legally binding upon 194 States Parties around the world and provide a global legal framework to prevent, control, or respond to public health risks that may spread between countries.”

The “Vaccine” What’s In It?

Latest news states that vaccines will not be far but could be if necessary. and the mainstream media showing NIAID Director Fauci emphatically stating to the public there will be no forced flu vaccinations.

How forced flu vaccinations were to be initiated (or could be)

Apparently, how the UN's World Health Organization works, is it spreads the somewhat false message that there will be forced vaccinations through the major TV networks, who then eagerly repeat it to the public.

Kind of like buttering up the American people to accept forced vaccinations if they do come, and buttering up the federal govt to go along with it.As far as I can tell, the "forced flu vaccinations" aspect of the law isn't actually a law. But to many politicians law doesn't really matter anyway.

It's within an agreement President Bush signed with the UN that allows the UN's World Health Organization to assume control over various parts of America's govt if a serious flu pandemic occurs. And, to require forced flu vaccinations to the entire American public.

The UN’s WHO, in its apparent mad rush to try to assume control over key aspects of the US govt, went ahead and issued a level 6 Influenza Pandemic weeks ago when there was absolutely no factual evidence that either the swine or bird flu had spread anywhere .”

Although being forced to take the vaccine can be looked at , to some, as beneficial ( still government coersion) did you consider what is in it, who made it and what the ingredients in them will do to the people who submit to taking them and what the ultimate goal is for those whom offer these vaccines?

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