Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here I am Mr. Obama!

The blogosphere is alive with verbaige regarding Obama's eagerness to silence opposition to just everything about him, his birth certificate, those who oppose his agendas, specifically his SOCIALISED HEALTHCARE BILL and his eagerness to oppress builds every day.

Not many see the trend that he is creating because of our countries ignorance of not only our own laws and history but the laws and history of other nations whom have done exactly what he is trying to accomplish.

I heard from some friends and on the radio (unconfirmed) that he wants to find those in opposition to his healthcare bill, which was easy enough to believe from just his desire to implement and/or revive the "fairnesss doctrine" the "joe the plunber scenario, threat of martial law in congress to pass the 700B bailout bill, as well as wanting to silence those in opposition on his campaign trail.

Rather than having him look for me I figured I would anounce myself as one who opposes this healthcare bill for a multitude of reasons and look at it as another stepping stone to acheive this government shift! Will his agenda stop at Socialism or will he take us further into communism? No matters where he takes us from here it will be further from Our original form of government than any other president has taken us.

Everyone realizes that healthcare needs to be reformed but why the "push" for Socialism? Are there no other options available or is he silencing them from the people to achieve YOUR will instead of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE?

"Once the people figure out a way to vote themselves money, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE REPUBLIC" BEN FRANKLIN (PARAPHRASED)

Flag this to Obama:

If you are outraged at the desire to have your speech silenced, which should be everyone,please feel free to flag this adminstration and turn yourself in here:

Our founders writings, although considered out of date by so many, somehow had wisdom beyond their years to know the issues that we would face today and warned us time after time and we continue to ignore the 800lb gorilla as if it would go away by doing so. It is almost supernatural, almost as if the were given the wisdom from a supernatural being, could this have been God? How else could they have known?

Is it coincidence that the warnings in the bible are so strickingly similar to our founders writings...perhaps to some but I do not believe in coincidence.

"I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies. We are Americans and have the right to participate and debate any administration.

Hillary Clinton (quoted in the Hartford Courant, April 29, 2003).

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