Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama links

Today's mainstream media is the reason why the internet has grown in popularity in search for the truth for the people who are looking and want to know.

Truth has become an interesting word due to the humanist ideology that has taken over as the new national religion. Most will telll you that truth is relative, according to what you think it is.

Have you ever tried to debate the subject of truth with anyone who believes this? A few minutes is about all one can handle because it resembles more of a nausious carnival ride than an intellectual debate.

When I first began my blog, my intention was to reveal the truth the best way I knew how, not knowing people really thought the way as I have described above; in doing so I fear I have done nothing more than share an opinion.

I was raised believing that truth is absolute. In order for it to be truth it had to be supported with facts, proof. Today many feel it is not necessary because truth is personal, it need not be factual or have proof.

Taking that into consideration then, why is it that some who read feel as if they can tell me I am posting lies, that these stories and links have no truth to them, are innaccurate? If I believed that truth is relative as others do what crime or disrespectful act have I committed?

With this argument in mind I will still try to reach who I can, try to be truthful and accurate in hope that there are still people out there that believe that truth is not relative.

The links below are worth the time to read and watch if youv'e read this far.

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Audacity of Hypocrisy

Obama's laundry list of Lies

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