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Military to administer vaccinations and more...

When one reads or observes a post like this one listing various articles and reading the titles, I wonder if it occurs to them how different America is than it was when we grew up or even 10 years ago. I get so disheartened when I see these but feel it necessary to get these out because the mainstream media won't. This is only a small percentage of articles and serous issues daily. To stay in touch with everything that is happening one would have to quit their job and read full time but still doubt you could read it all. Welcome to our new America!

Obama civilian police ignoring the Constitution

Obama Trains Minions How to Silence and Destroy the American People By Sher Zieve
Prior to Congress taking one of its myriad vacations--this one entitled the “August Recess”--Dictator-in-Chief Obama held both an email campaign and conference calls to train his (paid?) Obama supporters and his willing Democrat Congressional sycophants on how to smother opposition to ObamaCare and other ObamaPrograms designed to destroy We-the-People. More...

Obama silences Alex Jones- Free speech?

How Obama Marxism Works 101 By EditorOffice Visits for Health Reform

Military to administer vaccinations-mass quarantines?
This Is In The Health Care Bill ... Read It and Weep America

Congressman Brady explains the healthcare bill parts one and two( same link)

Obamacare: A Canadian Warns, "Don't do it. It's MADNESS"
Obama's Thugs to Visit Your Home to Check on How You're Raising Your Kids

White house blocks opposition for town hall meeting... What happened to free speech Mr. Obama?

Don’t Think That It Can’t Happen Here By Doug PattonStorm clouds of civil war began to darken Barack Obama’s America?
Careening Toward Military Rule
By Will Grigg
Pink Slip Nation
By Gary North

The Federal reserve is corrupt and everyone knows it, check this out!
YouTube: Court Throws Out FOIA Lawsuit Against Fed

If the Voters are the Mob Who Brought the Thugs? By Dr. Robert R. OwensPeople, including news reporters are being arrested for taking pictures, and for handing out flyers

Is ‘Islam’ at war with us? By Frank Gaffney Jr.Replace sovereign nations with a global caliphate, Shariah, jihadism

Obama's "Green" Czar: Underground Terrorist and Communist
Pelosi and Hoyer: Being American is "Un-American"
Pamela Geller, Newsmax: The Conspiracy Against America

White House 'Reality Check’ Claims Health Care Reform ‘Would Not Add One Penny to Deficit,’ Despite CBO Reports to Contrary( – A new Web site launched Monday by the Obama administration to rebut alleged disinformation about the administration's efforts to reform the health care system claims that reform “would not add one penny to the deficit." But a Congressional Budget Office analysis says two health-care reform bills would increase the national debt by $239 billion and $1.042 trillion, respectively. In fact, the administration has not produced any health-care reform legislation that has been independently determined to be deficit-neutral.

White House Denies Collecting Names of Opponents of Health Legislation( – The Obama administration denied it is keeping an enemies list, although it has asked citizens to report any “disinformation” about health care they come across to the White House. Last Wednesday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) sent a letter to the White House expressing concern about why the White House would want information on opponents of its health care plan.

Obama Says Canadian Health Care Works, But Not a Good Fit for U.S.( – President Barack Obama said Monday that he does not find the Canadian model for health care scary, and said it is wrong for opponents of reform to tout Canada’s single-payer system as a “boogey man” for health care. However, the president said such a system would not work in the United States.

Socialized Medicine’s Logic of Killing the Elderly By Daniel Greenfield
It’s hard not to notice that many of the most vocal ObamaCare protesters are senior citizens. And senior citizens remain the largest challenge for ObamaCare. Not in political terms, but in terms of resource management. Senior citizens are likelier to require medical care than younger workers, and contribute little or nothing to the system. From the perspective of socialized medicine it becomes all too easy to contemplate “cutting the waste” by reducing the care given to senior citizens, the disabled, infants with birth defects, the mentally retarded and anyone else who fails the system’s “Productivity in Practice or Potential” test. More...

Does Obama Need Town Hall Czar to Prevent Un-American Activities? By John LillpopPelosi-Boxer-Obama brand of Mcarthyism targets patriotic Americans

Obama Wants Total Government Control Over Health Care, Says Conservative Leader Phyllis Schlafly Washington ( - President Barack Obama did not have a “real job” prior to entering politics other than as a community organizer, an experience he is now using to deceive Americans into accepting a new government-run health care system, said Phyllis Schlafly at a National Press Club luncheon on Monday. “I think we would be better off if we defeated the whole thing [health care bill] that is proposed,” she said. “Then, if there is some particular remedy that we can work on, we can try that.”

"Big brother care looms large"

HR 645 and interment camps

Privacy violations?

The second American revolution has begun

We Won’t Let Granny Die? By William Kevin Stoos
When the President assured the crowd at a recent town hall meeting on health care that their grandmothers were safe under his proposed health care plan (whatever that is) and that rumors of rationing and D.E.A.T.H. (Department of Euthanasia And Triage of Humans) [see “Shut Up and Hand Me the Wrench!‚”

The Future of Health Care Under Obama Universal Care for Health (O.U.C.H.)‚” July 16, 2009 CFP.) Committees were simply right wing extremist propaganda, my first thought was: really? Just how credible is Obama the Secular on the issue of life and where did this newfound compassion come from? Since a single payer plan is inevitable if Obama gets his way, since private insurers (villains, according to Obama and Pelosi) will be driven out of the industry to be replaced in time by government regulated fees, doctor salaries, and low premiums set by Congress;

Speaking in Mexico, Obama Calls American Opponents of Immigration Amnesty ‘Demagogues’( - At a joint press conference with the Mexican president and the Canadian prime minister in Mexico on Monday, President Barack Obama referred to American opponents of amnesty for illegal aliens as “demagogues.” Obama, who wants a "pathway to citizenship," admitted it would require bipartisan cooperation: "There are going to be demagogues out there who try to suggest that any form of pathway for legalization for those who are already in the United States is unacceptable," he said.

House Health Care Legislation May Lead to ‘Unintended Consequences,’ Republican Senator Says( – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, says health care legislation crafted in the House "is so poorly cobbled together that it will have all kinds of unintended consequences." Grassley announced on Thursday that the Senate Finance Committee has dropped end-of-life provisions from its health care legislation -- "entirely because of the way they could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly." That’s apparently what many town hall attendees fear.

Islam hates Christians, America, and Americans. I came across this video clip this week. It is a 10 minute video clip of a Christian seeking to simply ask a question at the Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn has the highest concentration of Muslims anywhere in America. If you want to get a strong hint of what it is like to live under sharia (Islamic) law, then watch this.

Sharia law threatens America

Obama lifts ban on HIV infected immigrants

Vaccination linked to killer nerve disease

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