Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Communism of the United states cont.

I received an email from an aquaintance of mine that believes that I have no credibility and no proof that what I write aboutthe things I do. He believes that Obama is doing a great job as president, and that it was all from the previous administrations.

When I read this I about fell out of my chair considering that he claims to be a Christian democrat with a socialist ideology. I don't understand how one could profess to be these things since they all contradict eachother.

My heart grew heavy as I sat bad and read the rest of his email. I wanted so desperately for him to see what I see and I realized that there was nothing I could say , nothing I could do to make it so.
I tried to direct him to my blog where I had posted links and articles containing the reasons for why I think the way I do but he wasn't interested. What made things more interesting is that he has told me on several occasions that he does not read educational materials and only reads the headlines on the paper he recieves every morning. Is it possible that average Americans are the same way and have come to trust the mainstream media even with today's technologies?

Have we come so far as a nation that we can forget where we come from and what it is that made us great? What make history repeat itself anyway?

Ecclesiastes 1:11 states: There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of things to come.

The fact that history repeats itself is probably due to the fact that we tend to forget the things that do not matter but remeber things that do not.

Why do we try so hard to tell ourselves that "9-11 "We will never forget"Are we afraid we will?
Did we forget after the holocaust, after the great depression, oklahoma bombing etc? Why did Eisenhower stress for the media to take pictures of the holocaust, was it because he knew full well that we would forget?

In the last few posts I have strayed from the usual politics and religion routine because I felt the importance of offering alternative thoughts articles and stories that somehow the media seems to miss.

Are the US citizens of this country forgetting about what hiistory has told us?

Sure we denounce the holocaust as a horrific experience, one that we will "never forget" but how much truth is there to that statement and have we really not forgotton the things that we swore we wouldn't?

Holocaust in America? Is it possible, what is the goal?

What do you suppose the purpose of the military would be used for in conjunction with local police?

Homeland Security, Defense Depts. Plan Domestic Operations?
Posted: 03 Aug 2009 12:11 AM PDT
The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security recently notified law enforcement agencies and associations, such as the National Association of Chiefs of Police, about the Obama Administration’s interest in using the military during “emergencies.”
Read Full ArticleThis story comes to us via Homeland Security - National Terror Alert. National Terror Alert is America's trusted source for homeland security news and information.

Government control continues

First entering the site for "cash for clunkers" gave a government warning that if you entered it would give the authority to the government to access, track and monitor your computer.

Now, today we find out that the state of Idaho gives a warning that paying or receiving child support through Idaho Department of Health and Welfare / Idaho Child Support services for families must consent to"system monitoring for law enforcement and other purposes" if you logon to there website. See the attached screen shot. I would only use the phone system to deal with them from now on. Who authorized this? Who's behind it? What public official is in charge of the Department of Health and Welfare and do they realize the unconstitutional violation commited by this invasion of privacy? Do they care?
( will need to logon before seeing warning message)

If my theory is correct it models after many communist dictatorships

silence free speech
shut down talk radio, monitor internet, turn in those who oppose Obama's plans, monitor citizens computers

character assasination
label those who believe in the constitution, God, guns, freedom and free market capitalism as terrorists and/or angry mobsters;make criminals out of them.

scare tactics
tell people the only way we will survive is with government intervention and to spend our way into oblivion or we will collapse

now that the God and America loving people are labeled as criminals, they can be quarantined and detained witout trial for as long as they like for any reason they like

for population control, to breed a superior species or to rid the planet of those who oppse the new world order...just to name a few.

The goal of the Marxists to create a "classless society" and this is one way to achieve it.

Is this possible here in America? How can you tell if what you read is true? How can you tell if the words to this post aren't?

Heed the warning signs

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