Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unworthy news for mainstream media

Another week goes by where the news focused on the importance of trivial issues compared to the national and global issues at hand. Here are just some of the stories it may have been nice to see to give us the impressioin that someone besides the Almighty himself is looking out for us.

This first video is something I had listened to first thing this morning and though I had read alot about this, was left with one more article of confirmation. While some will deny that the government could do this or anything else to hurt it's people, one only needs to read the news and compare what is read to other media sites that focus on specific issues or that dig to find the truth. For those who don't believe it I would only ask that you consider it because if Iam wrong there is no harm done but what if I am right? See for yourself.

MUST SEE VIDEO: America’s globalization-FEMA camps, foreign troops on our soil? Here’s proof!

Explaining Obamas idea of the economy-fascinating!

Goldman sachs economic involvement
more on the federal reserve

Pentagon denies flyover after 42 years at the God and country rally in Nampa, Idaho because it puts one religion over another?

Christian America? In recent weeks, President Obama has declared that America should no longer consider itself a Christian nation, but that we are one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. (According to the government's own statistics, however, only about 1 percent of Americans are Muslim).
Most Americans are un settled by his dual declarations and believe them to be wrong but seem to lack the ammunition to refute his reckless pronouncements.

I Peter 3:15 instructs us always to be ready to give a reason for the belief within us, and to that end we have prepared a simple and concise historical report demonstrating that America has been and still is a Christian nation. We have included specific evidence from all three branches of government, including both early and recent historical sources. (The report is available in a downloadable format so that you can attach it and email it to others.)

The Cost of Global Warming Greed By Daniel Greenfield
How do you make money? You could build a factory that makes chairs or open a store that sells chairs. But of course if you’re in the government, you make money by finding new sources of tax revenue, which helps justify giving yourself a salary hike. But what if you’re not officially in the government? That’s what pork is for, and while environmentalists don’t seem to like cows very much, they do love their pork.

Democratic Leader Laughs at Idea That House Members Would Actually Read Health-Care Bill Before Voting On ItWashington ( - House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that the health-care reform bill now pending in Congress would garner very few votes if lawmakers actually had to read the entire bill before voting on it. Hoyer laughed as he responded to a question from about whether he supported a pledge that asks members of the Congress to read the entire bill before voting on it.

Federal Government Was Culprit in Housing and Economic Crisis, Says Congressional Report( – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the chief culprits in the housing crisis because they encouraged people who could not afford payments to borrow money, according to a congressional report released Tuesday. The report explains in detail how Fannie and Freddie -- which were not subject to the same oversight as other publicly traded firms -- “privatized their profits but socialized their risks.”

Sotomayor Supported Censoring Biblical Verse on Homosexuality from New York City Billboard( - Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is again drawing fire from conservative groups, this time because of a 2003 ruling against a Christian group that purchased billboard advertisements featuring Bible verses that condemned homosexuality.

Senate Democrats Having Second Thoughts About Tax on Health Benefits Pro-Marijuana Ad Pushes Pot As Fix for California’s Budget Deficit

Health Care Overhaul Racing Against the Clock
Congressional Resolution Would Honor Michael Jackson As World Humanitarian
North Korea Blamed for Cyber Attacks in U.S.,South Korea
Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Strike on Iran Would Be ‘Very Destabilizing’
Somali Pirates Board Turkish Ship in Gulf of Aden In Italy, Obama Turns to Climate, Trade, Pope, G-8
Hamas Tries to Detain Woman for Un-Islamic Behavior -- Walking With Man

Us warns of multiple al quaida plots

consumers fall behind at record pace

How much hope and disaster can Americans take

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