Monday, July 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I would like to begin by saying that I think you are a man with tremendous charisma. I think when you walk into a room you have the ability to put people at ease with your smile and your relaxed demeanor helps others to relax.

I was warmed myself by knowing that we have friends that went to the same high school, one of which is my best friends sister, the fact that we bodysurfed the same beach, ate at the same local food joints, and understand the local way of life in the islands.You appear to be a likable guy and my friends sister says she voted for you simply because "you, Barry, were fun to party with"

This is my perception of you before you became president and the decisions you have and the decisions others have made who folow you thus far. You obviously still have the same effect on those whom still believe in you and the lies that you tell and the legislation you "force" on the American people who are too ignorant to know better.

I must admit you did begin gently by saying that you were not a socialist, promoting socialism, that you wouldn't raise our taxes, that you would fix our economy. Then as time went by after you began taking over banks and the auto industry saying you were not promoting socialism, you began to try to push through nationized healthcare but this time for some reason I haven't heard you say that "this isn't socialism". Are we to understand that because no one has mentioned it we actually are now?

I guess if you tell people something long enough they will believe it or become numb and the terms of anti-american sentiments like "sociaism" will not be as hard to swallow.

Mr. Obama, why does everything you do need to be "pushed" or "forced" through? Is it actually a smoke screen for what is actually hidden legislation written under the radar because you know that the American people would not pass this hidden legislation on it's own?

As for taking the oath of president, didn't you swear to uphold the Constitutiton of the United States? Did you know that upholding it is not a code word for defamtion, defilement, contorting it, manipulating it but to understand it as when it was written? Didn't you say you were a constitutional attorney? It would almost appear that you became a constitutitonal attorney to find ways in which to destroy it rather than uphold it.

I was told as a child that I need to choose my friends carefully because I would be known by my associations. Business and personal relationships know this, why are you exempt?

Why is it that you will not provide enough information to prove your citizenship to put and end to this issue? Why is it you claim to end the "good ol boy network" but nominate your various corrupt associates from Chicago.

Why is it you say you are not a muslim but have family that is, spend your presidency bowing to them, befriending them and promoting them while apologizing for our actions as US citizens?
Isn't it ironic that you claim not to be a muslim but christian? Isn't it ironic that there is the first "rise to Islam" group in Chicago this week and they chant "free speech is "war on Islam."

Didn't you say we were not at war with Islam?If we are not at war with Islam, can a country be at war with itself? How an muslim countries and those here who are muslim, while utilizing our "free speech" rights granted to US citizens by this country, say free speech is "war with Islam" and get away with it while it is our first amendment right guaranteed by the Constitution?Then your congress passes "hate crimes legislation" that actually prohibits our "free speech"

Haven't you over stepped your boundaries as president? If you are upholding the constitution you are.

Does it say that the people all have the right to do as the president says? That Americans need to pay more taxes, buy certian color cars, meet certian fuel standards, take what kind of healthcare the president says?

Does it say that you have the right to force and push, legislation before those interested have a time to read it? How about the upcoming census? Does the constitution say that we have to fill it out or we will suffer penalties?

Where does it say that I need to share my wealth created by my own sweat, blood and tears with others who didn't work for it, that we should grant illegal aliens amnesty against the will of the people, that the government can force the people to fund, at the taxpayers expense abortions for those who are irresponsible or decide that birth control isn't an option?To teach ouor children in public school that evolution is a fact, that our founders were homosexuals and that they were born that way?

How about parents rights?
Judicial tyranny?
citizens rights?
How about the the constitutional violations Mr. Obama?

To set the record straight for those who have never read it:

Constitution Article 2:
Presidential duties:

term of four years (not to be amended without peoples consent-not forced)
greatest number of votes ( not to include cheating- but it doesnt say you can't)
natural born citizen
age minimum of 35 years
commander in cheif of army and navy
power to grant pardons
power to make treaties with consent of the senate
from time to time( not every day) give information on the state of the union
removed from office for the conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

To your advantage, you have had Bill Clinton as a predecesor to beg the question:
I guess it all depends on "what the meaning of "is" is.... well, "what the meaning of the above listed items mean?"

Mr. Obama,I see freedom of speech being violated for Americans and promoted to muslims and minority groups which in the definition of Marxism, is to create a new world of "classless people", one where you say guns will not be needed because everyone will have the same thing.If you haven't thought this through well enough would be impossible. Isn't this where you are going next? To our guns?

I do not see in the above list of presidential duties to:

To force and push legislation, open borders, apologize to other countries, to promote minorities above the will of the majority(unless outlines in the constitution), raise our taxes so high that we cannot afford basic living expenses, to create bogus legislation, to demoralize this country, to banrupt it, to even be invilved in the economy much less be looked at as the "messiah, be-all, fix all czar"

I am hoping that even the most ignorant will awaken quickly to the damage you and congress are performing in the most untransparent transparency administration. You speak of being transparent and make it look like you are but it is merely a smoke screen, to try to make us unable to see your "slight of hand."

Some of us do.

Sincerely and with all due respect,

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