Monday, July 13, 2009

Unworthy news for 7 13 09

Medvedev shows off new global currency- what US constitution?

Obama still not a citizen…here’s proof to be in the Washington times-

Kerchner-et-al-v-Obama-Congress-et-al-AdvertorialFull page in 20090713 Issue of the Washington Times National Weekly edition, on Pg 9. more details on this lawsuit, contact Mario Apuzzo, Esq. His address and contact information is found at:

Judge finally willing to listen regarding Obamas citizenship!!!

Obama appoints Muslims to Homeland security? homeland security? Who's homeland? Isn’t like the fox guarding the hen house?

US hospitals in trouble- don’t think it will be any better with Socialized medicine

No tax increase if you make under what? LIAR!
House Democrats Will Seek Massive $540 Billion Tax Increase; Announcement Came Late Friday Afternoon

Abortion agenda revealed in healthcare plan

Fulfilled prophecy, reliability of the bible

population growth Immigration facts

Coldest may on record in New Zealand- global warming?

Obama empowered Islam

Mandatory immunizations? Hows that working in Britain?

privacy violations create fear in Americans- freedom of what?,2933,531720,00.html

reaching consensus on Abortion-86% believe in significant restrictions

Honduras Outraged by Obama-Chavez AllianceI love Honduras and it hurts to see that we are alone. It hurts because we have witnessed how he has stolen, abused his power and how he has created a huge war between the Hondurans. By paying poor people and promising them false things, he does have their support. He speaks to them about God. It’s amazing and sad. And now we see how this people who are badly influenced are vandalizing, destroying businesses when they protest. We had gone to marches, and they are all peaceful......... Cliff Kincaid

The New American's ManifestoWell, trans-human, you better be one valuable, genetically mapped and wrapped human resource. Welcome to your cool natural utopia. Sorry to say it wasn't the invention of Mother Earth's butterflies and fairies, but rather think tanks, politicians, international elites and royalty, central bankers, and the world's richest industrialists and CEOs....... Nancy Levant

Put the monster to sleep...stimulate that
Now we are talking a second stimulus bill apparently because the Viagra and candy we threw out to the special interests and big boys in the last one didn’t work right. The American public thought there was supposed to be a benefit to them and jobs, wrong! Unemployment is almost up to 11% now, California is giving out IOUs and emptying their prisons of serious illegal alien criminals, while paying to send them back to Mexico so they can come back and commit more crimes. The US prisoners get to stay put but the illegal alien guys get their way paid back to their country according to attorney..... Laurie Roth

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