Monday, July 20, 2009

Presidential overreach part 2

So the interest rates doubled under the current economic conditions but lowered when the FED began printing moneybut lowered the value of the dollar doing it.

Congress, before the passage of the first stimulus, was threatened with martial law if the stimulus wasn't passed.

He has to have news conferences scaring the American people on the dire nature of circumstances we face if we don't do what he says and to defend his position on the legislation he wants passed in a hurry.

Cap and trade passes regardless of the opposition, He is non-partisan.

He seems to be unaware or really does not care that our money isn't worth anything, that our property value isn't worth anything, our jobs aren't paying us anything, that healthcare will result in the rationing of care that will single OUT the sick and elderly.

Obama says that the US federal government will cover costs of the nationalized healthcare that are incurred by the individual states? How is that going to happen when we are broke?I suggested to my wife that we should wait till we are absolutely broke and plan a trip across Europe but unlike the US government I couldn't or wouldn't put that burden on my family, friends or fellow citizens but you get my point.

Obama's heal;thcare is admittedly an experiment. This experiment is the most dangerous and most grave threat to our already trashed economic system and what is worse is that it is irreversible and permanent government involvement!!!

I saw on the news tonight a guy that went to Canada undercover to probe their socialized healthcare. Steve crowder's info can be found here:

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