Monday, July 13, 2009

Predictability,Tax increase and Sotomayor

It seems eery to me, almost that the American people are such in a fog as their rights are continuously being violated and removed without as much as a whimper.

As the multitude of legislation this year has been predominantly about sugar-coating the oppression of the citizens who voted him into office the hits still keep coming including more gun laws, speech laws: and the latest new taxes on more than just those who make more than 250k/year: No tax increase if you make under what? House Democrats Will Seek Massive $540 Billion Tax Increase; Announcement Came Late Friday Afternoon, and the confirmation of an obviously intelligent and well educated latina judge. The question isn't is she educated enough but can she interpret the Constitution without manipulating it, if Obama appointed here I doubt it.

Like the case between the Minnesota congressman, I could have saved the tax payers millions by leting Al Franken win, we conservatives didn't have a chance...he was too important to the Democrats to not let him win and so it is with Sonya Sotomayor. Song and dance, song and dance, why don't they just confirm her? Why beat around the bush that she is no more impartial than Obama. She obviously dislikes white people and can't rule constitutitonaly when 5 of 7 of her cases were reversed.

Her confirmation is but another nail in the coffin of America if she happens to bring her empathy and bases her decisions on her life experiences to the table. The America that was once a conservative"constitutional republic" now a liberal progressive communist breeding ground for people either ignorant to history or longing to live histories mistakes again.

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