Monday, July 20, 2009

Presidential overeach part 1

The Constitution of the United States Article IV, Section 4 indicates that " the United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government . . ."

Both the national and state governments are republican in nature. Republican means that the people's representatives govern according to a written delegation of authority ( The Constitution, rule of Law). This is in contrast to a democratic system in which the representatives govern according to the popular consent(Majority rule) of the people, whether that consent is written or unwritten.

In my continuation from the previous post I thought I would relate some notes to some of today's stories in the news, You be the judge.

Ben Franklin said " When the people find a way to vote themselves money, it will be the end of the Republic" (paraphrased)

Social security according to many sources will be broke in less than 7 years, some feel we are now since we are borrowing money. How is it that the social security administration has moiney to spend on corporate meetings in posh hotels and dance parties?

Rick Santorum, Penn senator says nationalized healthcare will be the greatest threat to America"

It seems that the American people have become a succesful generation of welfare recipients, whom have found out how to vote themselves money.recipients.

Carol swain, Vanderbuilt university professor admits Obama's move is toward "socialism" and repetitively says the "end justifies the means". For those who do not know, this statement was made over and over again during the time of the holocaust.

Simply stated, this statement means that whatever we need to fulfill our agenda, in this case what we do to the American people, will be worth it. Eery when you consider what the implications of her statements make when compared to Hitlers reign when the killing of 10 million people was to the end that justified the means that the pure race would emerge.

In the book by David Noebel, Battle for truth, it is explained that when the end justifies the means is terminolgy used by totalitarian governments. They feel It is an acceptable way to convince people to do things, no matter how horrific, because it is for the "greater good" to ease ones concious for the acts they are asked to commit.

So, we have czars, greater good, end justifies means, socialism...getting the picture?

David Shoen, an democratic pollster stated that "with this healthcare we do not know where we are going" Is he thinking that this administration can outsmart the history of Socialism in other countries and the statistics provided in the history asscoiated with it?

Massachuetts and Honolulu, Hawaii both have experimented with Socialized medicine and have found themselves bankrupt. Why does this administration think that just because socialism failed in every other country and all through history and now in Massachusetts and Honolulu Hawaii are claiming it doesn't work would he continue to push it?

Anyone who has a peanut for a brain understands the ramifications of a socialist government.

He doesn't care!! He is on a mission to fulfill his agenda before his popularity runs out, to make us vulnerable for only God knows, I sure don't but it doesn't look good.

Partisanship? Nancy Pelosi tells Dems not to listen to republicans?

Spending? budget projections estimate 4 trilion in 2009 while 50% of this is borrowed?

This administration is delaying their issues on what to do with the Gitmo detainees for six months because they don't know what to do yet but they will force an unread 1000 page healthcare reform bill through that hasn't even been read? Who's side is he on again?

What about the No-bid contracts? Obama said if we cut them out we will save the country 40 billion dollars a year? Brett Blackledge(AP) says these no-bid contracts are GIVEN to disadvantaged companies. 25% of the deptof defense budget were no-bid contracts Welfare anyone?

What about the push for climate change? (why is everything have to be pushed? Because he knows if people get a chance to read it they would vote against it!!)

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