Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News deemed to unworthy for mainstream?

I have become so sick of the liberal media that thinks that stories of Michael Jackson and other disconnected Hollywood celebs are more newsworthy and important than Americans rights violations created by our new facist-dictator in chief and our congressional pawns.

In addition to writing posts that include what is going on in my brain, I feel compelled to expose some of the issues that somehow seem to be forgotten or covered up which gives the appearance that the media is helping to support the complete inhialation of this country while many are doing what they can to survive this economic disaster by doing their 9 to 5 grind.

Some of these are commentaries and give another perspective to counteract the garbage provided by the liberal media.

If I may make a suggestion...While you are reading these, think of the Constitutionality of these stories and ask yourself how these will affect you and future generations.

Attorney General to Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Americans as Terrorists http://www.newswithviews.com/NWV-News/news152.htm

A Jewish Understanding of America’s Declaration of Independence http://www.newswithviews.com/Eidelberg/paul111.htm

It's witchcraft! Harry Potter pushing same-sex marriage

Muslims attack fleeing Christians with acid
North Korean threat takes aim at Christians
Top tea party speech chosen
GOP's Crist told to pick judge from all-white list
Holder 'conflict' cited in eligibility case
America soon to crumble to 'The Third Jihad'?

Obama the usurper:http://www.answers.com/president+usurper?gwp=11&ver=

Youtube now controlled by whom?

GET HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE...NOW...!!!!American Grand Jury Presentments Filed in DC!
Click to hear the video

CBR Begins Sotomayor Battle

Columbus, OH – June 30, 2009 – The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) has been and will continue to be vocal in our opposition to America’s abortion President Barack Obama. Our most recent effort was conducted at the University of Notre Dame. For three full weeks, Obama’s invitation to deliver the commencement address was protested by CBR’s handheld signs, truck billboards, and aerial banners. The Wall! Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, and LA Times covered CBR’s impact on the Notre Dame controversy.

Finding the way out of the dark on July 4th

A U.S./U.N. Plot Against Anti-Communist Honduras By Cliff Kincaid
The people of Honduras are pleading for media fairness and understanding of how they saved their democratic system of government from an international conspiracy based in Venezuela and Cuba. In desperate messages to the outside world, Hondurans want America to know they do not want former President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya returned to power through the intervention of the United States and the United Nations.

Obama set to scrap “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy By Dr. Paul L. Williams
Remember Cary Grant wearing a dress and wig in “I Was a Male War Bride?”

Message from Honduras By Online
Sir; I have relatives in central America & Venezuela, & know the area well. The following was just received from one of my cousins who’s a retired senior officer from the Venezuelan military. It’s an eMail he received and forwarded to me:
There has NOT been a coup in Honduras. The country is NOT in crisis.

Obama Supports Honduran Dictator By Sher Zieve
In a stunning decision, Dictator Barack Hussein Obama and his State-run media—along with ObamaFriends Dictators Fidel Castro (Cuba) and Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)—announced that he supports Honduran President Manuel Zelaya against the democratic Honduran forces. Note: After Obama’s stance on Iran, when he initially supported the ruling mullahs, this should come as no surprise to anyone.

Businesses Hit Hard With Obamacare, Say Goodbye to Mom and Pop Stores
By Warner Todd HustonObamacare, backdoor taxes, and defacto control of our healthcare

Is it clear yet what worldview Obama is coming from?
By Dr. Laurie RothObama sympathizes with dictatorships, Islamic regimes and tyrants over “the people” “freedom” and “rights.”

Obama’s Independence Day Apology
By John Lillpop

America, the Silly Nation
By Alan CarubaAttacked by Al Qaeda, threatened by North Korea, mocked by Venezuela, insulted by Iran, and sustained by the wealth of China and other lenders

Comradeship: Obama Adopts the Communist Party’s Position on Honduras
By Joy TizBarack Obama is, once again, taking a stand against liberty and democracy

NY City Council backs closure of schools for Islamic Feast on Sept. 11th
By Andrew WaldenEid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
ACORN’s Foreclosure Fraud
By Matthew VadumMortgage industry's meltdown, risky subprime lending, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
A pinnacle of self-destruction
By Alexander MaistrovoyCan a tango of a murderer and a suicide be considered “The Clash of Civilizations”?

Is Obama laundering federal money to GE through Michigan?
By Steve MilloyGE CEO Jeff Immelt, President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

CAIR Distributes 100,000 Korans; Overtly Proselytizes
By Daniel Pipes

Hamas-founded Council on American-Islamic Relations

Confronting the New Islamic Imperialism
By Daniel GreenfieldIt is no longer European imperialism and colonialism, but Islamic imperialism and colonialism

Whats at stake with the Moscow summit

preparing for civil unrest

soft tyranny: Exposing Obama’s plan

pentagon denies flyover for the first time in 42 years

Millions face hunger as the seasons disappear

Democrats admit that their cap and trade is a job killer

Islam will take Christianity and America without firing a shot- Must see video!!

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