Monday, July 13, 2009

New Global currency

It seems that I remember somewhere in the Constitution that stated that "every citizen has the right to enjoy a republican form of government"

"That whenever decisions are made contrary with our interests that the servants ( politicians) will be recalled" George Washington 1787

As we watch the second generation of succesfully brainwashed public school graduates change the world before our eyes, this, new Marxist generation gains a strong foothold and destoys 232 years of freedom. They have been brainwashed to move toward the new world order, the globalization for the "greater good" to think that what they are doing is right no matter what laws we have in place that contradict this ideology.
In the latest move, the illuminati, the oligarchy, on which this nation is manipulated like a puppet on strings reveals the new global currency and without a word from the media? Is this Constitutional? Does anyone even care?
We have two new emerging dictators of two of the largest powers in the world playing with the lives of millions, like two spoiled bully children taking from others to keep for themselves. This must be the age of on the job training because it is obvious that these two have not a care for anyone but themselves.
The global currency G-8 summit article can be read can be read here:
This isn't a choice for fellow Americans whom are not in favor, this is another example of force-feeding us something we do not desire. Article two specifically outlines to DEFEND THE CONSTIOTUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA not to destroy it. There is nothing in our founding fathers documents, constititution, declaration that mentions the president having the right or the authority to change the course of this country. It is to protect and defend the United states against all enemies foreign or domestic not invite them to join in our destruction!

How dare any president of the United States feed us the BS that we are a nation of laws under the Constitution. Obama is not alone in his manipulation tactics but is the worst offender because for the first time he is in the position where he cannot be stopped by those who know better and the one's who don't are still in denial that this man could do anything to harm any of his loyal subjects.

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