Saturday, May 30, 2009

HULU, change and brain goo

I attended the long awaited graduation on my neice and it was a beautiful day and a great ceremony.

As I often do, since I have become more aware of my age attending my family graduations, I reflect back on my own graduation and the excitement had of the world being my oyster and not fearing the unknown but feeling brave enough to take it all in and feel like I would boldly go where I had never been all the while not not having a clue about what was truly going on around me. Unaware of political, governmental, global issues, unaware of almost everything around me except what I was doing.

As usual the valdictorians got up to speak but instead of what I had always considered fairly good speeches,done with common sense and intelligence I heard what a successful product of the government controlled school system had acheived and spoke of a world of peace, globalization,mother earth and tolerance and global warming.

It is difficult for me to take when I hear these words coming from our children since they have been indoctrinated, brainwashed to believe this garbage. Although I am a person who prays for peace, it is unrealistic to think that we as a nation will lead to peace by laying down our weapons while other countries have tried to destroy us for ages. The only reason why this country has had peace is because the other countries knew we were armed citizens.

I do also believe that we are to be good stewards of the earth being fruitful and multiply but I do not believe that it should be the right of the government to force us to accept there proposed agendas when they were voted to be the voice of the people and not a runaway frieght train bound for tyranny.

We have been brainwashed to believe that parents are no longer the ones to be respected but the government. They have created an urgency about a global energy crisis that's evidence is inconclusive, they teach about the importance of globalization which will eliminate local and national government and answer to a new global authority, our currency will change,our economy will change , our freedoms will destroyed and the reverence for God and this countries foundations will all be erased from any literature and from the minds of people whom are indoctrinated with this goo-like material (as ZULU calls it)-actually find it amusing that ZULU says what they do due to the fact that in many ways what they say is true because of the indoctrination process.

I get emotional at these events anyway because these children have reached their first milestone on there own and should be proud, growing up with dreams to change the world but what was more emotional for me this time was the fact that they have been so misled, so brainwashed, there is no doubt they will change the world, my question is change it to what?

If Barack Hussein Obama is an example of the change we can expect from our new graduates I would not be surprised if they were the ones coming to our doors making demands and throwing us out of our homes as the brown shirts did in Germany during the holocaust.

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