Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Totalitarianism,Homosexuals and parenting

The totalitarian, socialist nature of homosexual "marriage"
Homosexual "marriage" is a totalitarian, socialist notion. Can you really find an intellectually serious economic conservative or governmental conservative who supports homosexual "marriage."

The fact is that homosexual "marriage" and homosexual parenting are interwoven concepts. You can't pursue the one without the other. Canada's homosexual "marriage" legislation demonstrates this fact. In Bill C-38, the law that changed the definition of marriage, the legislation also changed the definition of parenting. Parenting became a "legal" concept, in place of a "natural" reality.

In Canada today, the law recognizes legal parenthood, not natural parenthood. This means that the rights of parents and the nature of parenting is determined by the state, by politicians. This was already the case when families broke apart in divorce. With divorce involving children, courts get involved to arbitrate and dictate the obligations of the respective parents to their children. With intact families, courts and other government officials have typically stayed out of the affairs of families except in cases of alleged abuse and neglect.

Parenthood has been recognized, due to our Judeo-Christian heritage, as a pre-existing natural arrangement, ordained by God, not an invention of the state. This is one foundational component of the localist, decentralised, social order outlined for us by God Himself throughout the pages of the Bible. God alone is absolute, so no human institution can be structured with a single unaccountable human head. (The sovereignty of God and the sinfulness of man require a division of authority and a diffusion of power.) Likewise, no single institution, such as the state, has the right to subsume all of life under its control. Such a model is tyrannical, totalitarian and thoroughly anti-Christian.

And such is the nature of homosexual marriage and homosexual parenting. Why? Because homosexual couples cannot have children that are naturally/biologically the progeny of both sexual partners. Only the law can grant them both the status of parents. It was, therefore, very logical for the Canadian law to change the definition of parenthood when it changed the definition of marriage.

Homosexual parenting and homosexual "marriage" should be opposed at least as much because of their totalitarian nature (reflecting idolatry towards the Messianic state) as because of the sexually perverse nature of the arrangements. The former argument also gives us the opportunity to educate inconsistent or lapsed economic and governmental conservatives. Informed and respectful economic and governmental conservatives will support social conservatives in the vital cultural battle against tyranny and totalitarianism. And one of the best ways to do this - for both its substantive value and its symbolic value - would be to ban homosexual parenting and homosexual "marriage."

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