Friday, May 8, 2009

Fireworks at Notre Dame today

Hot off the press! My friend "Coach" Dave Daubenmire, the football coach that was sued by the ACLU for praying with his team on the football field, just called and told me after driving four ands a half hours to Notre Dame today he stood with 23 other people as they walked the campus with fake babies in a stroller doused with fake blood signifying this nations stance on the slaughtering of unborn babies and Obamas support of it being funded with tax payer dollars .

Among those arrested was Ambassador to the UN under Ronald Reagan, Dr. Alan Keyes and my personal friend Dr. Gregory Thompson whom was fired for refusing to remove the 10 commandments of his office wall and the bible from his desk.

It is my understanding that aproximately 23 others were arrested in this peaceful demonstration. It is rather unclear why they were arrested other than being told it was private property and they were tresspassing.
Interestingly enough there were people all over the place walking leisurly on and off the campus without a word being spoken to them. It appears that the law is selective and applies only to whom they want to impose it upon. Do you suppose if a group of homosexuals were parading on campus they would have arrested them as well? Doubtful.
These men were there to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on a catholic campus, how much more ridiculous can you get. This wasn't a "separation " issue this was a "Christian issue" in their own home, their own back yard where they should have been welcomed for that is what these universities once taught-to fulfill Matthew 28, to go out and preach the good news to the world.
Ironically enough it must have been understood "to go out, but not come back or you will be arrested..."
Further details on this story are not known at this time. Information will be revealed as it becomes available.
For the full story, with photos, please see "Coaches' " website,
and information on Alan Keyes here: ,
press coverage by the south bend tribune here:

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