Thursday, May 21, 2009

Praying for this "Christian nation"

I am proud to stand with these men and women in prayer as I was unable to attend as they proclaim the name of the Lord in Washing ton DC in front of the Supreme court!

My friends rev. Flip Benham and Rusty Thomas were among 100 others who attended the prayerful exaltation of His mighty name!

Here is an example of how the city of Tolerance tolerates religion. If this is an example of Tolerance for the rest of the nation to see, it should be an awakening to those who think that tolerance has no danger to those who claim their faith in Jesus!


We just got back late last night from Washington, D.C., and meeting with our Senators about the hate crime legislation that they will be voting on this week. Here's where we are in America.

Monday morning we arrive outside "OUR" Supreme Court Building. Doc Johnston and his four children, myself and a few others were headed into the building to use the rest rooms. We all wore the same red shirts which said: "Jesus is the Standard" on the front and the back read: "Hate is Truth to those that hate the truth. Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?"

We were approached by a female guard and she told us that we would have to take off our shirts and turn them wrong side out before entering the building. I missed the shot--didn't have my camera out yet. We've known for a long time that our Government hates God, but this is our tax dollars at it's best. Trained guards to censor every expression of God entering the building. I tried to find a shirt that was given a pass by that guard, but it was chilly and jackets concealed some of the shirts.

Attached are pictures of the shirts that had to be (censored) turned wrong side out to enter the halls of the building where our laws are interpreted (US Supreme Court).

The order handed down to this guard to censor our message is scary. Can we trust other judgments by this court? The building itself is engraved with the Ten Commandments and Moses, outside and in.

Rev. Flip Benham prayes for our nation (left)

We can no longer remain silent. Censorship is un-American! S. 909 is focused on silencing the Christian voice.

Find out what it will do here:

As Christian churches tremble at the thought of becoming active, being persecuted by the media, risking the possibility of an exodus from their congregation and taking a stand for this country their are still those who will share the gospel of Christ, no matter what the consequences.
"Do you now call me the enemy for telling you the truth? Galatians 5:12

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