Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Muslim demographics and the fall of America

Our country has become so bothered by Christianity's possible effects on society they separated it.

They say that we must obey the supreme courts decision to honor the "separation of church and state". Is it truly being separated? Secular humanism and atheism have both been acknowledged by the supreme court as religions.

We have been so concerned with this issue, fighting amongst ourselves, that one issue appears to have been overlooked by many.

Do you suppose the "separation of church and state", homosexuality and abortion have any comonality with the direction of this country?

We speak of freedom of choice and how important it is to choose life or death for you baby, we say, "I am not religious and I want to abort my baby."

We say " I am gay and I believe in equality" or "I have a friend that is a homosexual and he is as loving as anyone else I know, maybe more..."

We say" religion has no place in government, schools or anywhere else in society because we practice "tolerance" and "diversity"

The link below will make a connection on the above listed issues. The invasion of the Muslims, our welcoming nature toward them, the reproduction rates around the world, our freedom to choose and the understanding of how much freedom you will enjoy once they become the majority.

Here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU

In case you care not to take the time may I summize the critical issues:

If we kill our babies, we lose Americans

If we promote homosexuals and other lifestyles, since they cannot produce children, we lose the ability to reproduce American children and lose our ability to maintain our population as Americans.

If we become tolerant of other religions while we are killing our babies they take over our country

If we want to have the freedom to chose a religion or not to, as we are killing our babies while radical religious immigrants who kill people for not believing as they do become the majority what have we won?

If the Muslim's becomes the majority:

We will lose your right to religious freedom. right to your Life ,your choice to kill your babies( choice?), your liberty and your pursuit of happiness.

Tolerance and diversity, homosexual lifestyles, abortion and and the fall of the traditional family all have consequences that we will most likely see in our lifetime.

I will mention that I have no malice toward them for they do what they are called to do, much like Christians in the old days (not like the many tolerant, apathetic ones of today).

Our two religions are at odds with eachother. One side rules with the "iron hand" and the other spreads Gods love and grace, (in truth).

We have a choice to make, We either choose to live with the love and grace of Christianity or we will be ruled by the "Iron hand."

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