Friday, April 3, 2009

sign ideas for active Americans!

These are pictures from fellow Americans in Mesa, Arizona that wanted to share thoughts about Obama's stimulus package. Even the children get it!

Do you think what he is asking for is too much for a president and his staff? It seems to be!

Here's a woman who is dreaming big! I wonder if her plane is global warming compliant?

Is this guy old enough to vote? He must not have attended public school!

Yeah, I think a big screen is the least he can do...I'm not sure he can even do that! Small price to pay for our liberty!

I do not believe it...this is transparency! He's not even pretending to be homeless!

And a cowboy, in this crisis still cares for his horses!

Below are several others that should give anyone ideas if they care to join fellow Americans in tea parties happening all over the country.

If you are not attending these demonstrations you are either working, in which case you are excused,in favor of being taxed to death or too stupid to realize what is happening to you!!

Come and join in on the fun!

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