Friday, April 17, 2009

Murder video!

Have I ever mentioned that I am "pro-life"? Not the person, although he is a dear friend of mine, but my position on the issue.

Many would consider me "anti-choice", a mere play on words or is it? When do you suppose we as Americans gave ourselves labels on our sexual preference- homosexual or heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, poligamist, beastealist etc or our postion on whether we should take a life or spare it, especially an innocent life that simply had no choice.

The simple fact remains that anyone that was considered to take a life would be considered a "murderer" and one who spares it would not be called anything-that I can think of other than a good descent human being.

If an innocent life, preborn human fetus that is growing in the womb , was taken would this be considered "murder?" If not, Why not? I guess it has to be left to the courts on whether the baby is actually alive or not?Are they qualified with doctors degrees?

They call me "anti-choice" is this really true when I have given the baby the choice to survive?
It really isn't my choice whether the baby lives or not, that is up to God. God giveth and God taketh away. This is an important concept because our culture has taken what is Gods' and given it to the government, now the government giveth and taketh away.

Put another way, who is more "anti-choice" when a "pro-choice" advocate terminates a pregnancy and gives no choice to the baby? It appears to me that the "anti-choice" advocate is the one who claims to be "pro-choice".

I think it should be better noted in these human descriptions instead of being "pro-choice" it should be "pro-self" because it becomes all about ones self, that would be considered selfish and self-centered.

I urge many of my friends to watch this video.

Watch this video, It is important to understand what happens during an abortion, to see it for yourself, before you decide what position you will support. If you can truly watch this and feel nothing and maintain your so-called "pro-choice" ( which really isn't) position then our country is in deeper trouble than I ever thought possible.

If you can watch this and you were as affected as I was, then it should stand to reason that conscience does exist, therefore God does exist within you and you can no longer support the "pro-abortion" position.

I wonder if any who claim to be "pro-choice" have ever thought about what would have happened if their parents had decided to abort?

Our past generations were selfless, we had an appreciation for eachother and had a reverance and excitement for those who had become pregnant. Rather than an acknowledged blessing from God it seems to be a curse from Hell.

It appears that today, what was once considered immoral, now is someones choice, being careful not to offend anyone who agrees but caring nothing for those in oppostition.What was once considered good is now unacceptable in the eyes of society.

How did we get here and how is it possible that we as a nation prefer it this way?

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