Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nehemiah was a remnant

Today it seems that our churches are silent in fear of persecution from the government. In the last few decades it has bowed itself into a corner to where it struggles with wanting to get engaged politically after being silent or tolerant for so long. Not knowing quite how without polarizing people and directing them away from the church, they struggle with the secularization of the church and how to bring them back to the true word of God.

Activism for Christians is lacking in America resulting in an apathetic church, where we can go on Sunday, take grandma out to lunch and retire to a nap knowing we have done our duty. This is an incorrect understanding of scripture and anyone that read it would know this.

The most compelling reason I hear for avoiding the potential conflict we face in America is the belief we are in the last days and the events we see are simply part of God's plan. This mindset has resulted in one period of profound darkness asnd not until Martin Luther got involved did the darkness end.

Pastors comments are:"our job is to win souls for Christ in love and truth...if we become politically involved will it not create a mass exodus from the churches who have been led to believe the lies of the secularization of the church?"

In the book of Nehemiah, in the bible, the book begins with him praying, fasting and with a broken heart (three indispensable ingredients to restoring a nation). Many Christians realize him to be a devout man of prayer and equally a man of action.

Christians in this post-Christian America have forgotten about position and the influence of power. Position and influence are never granted to Christians for ego-inflation,personal gratification or self-exaltation among other Christians.

Position and influence acheive their highest purpose when one is godly, through honest means while recognizing God's sovereignty in their success. Nehemiah had a comfortable life and yet chose to risk falling into disfavor with the king losing it all to save his beloved Jerusalem.

He endured personal attacks, slander, accusations and plots on his own life to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This book is a classic study of what a man can expect when he enters the public arena where Satans dominion is strong.

When people ask me why I do what I do, it is because I feel led to, I cannot quit, at least not of today. I am called to do the work that the Lord has commanded, to preach His word, to reveal the truth even if I am turned away, slandered, mocked or persecuted. I care not to offend but long as I preach the truth with love and respect I usually end up offending someone.

We can no longer afford toto hide in thew safety of our Christian schools, churches, TV networks, we must be salt and light in the world. It is important to remember history and to know that once we become to comfortable and denying His will, He finds a way to get our attention and reminds us to focus on Him.

It is my belief that if Christians would stand in the gaps and say "enough is enough" we could regain what we have lost. It seems to me that as long as we are all comfortable there is no reason to stand.

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