Thursday, April 30, 2009

Americas ignorance and the rise of Islam

America continues to remain ignorant on so many issues and the longer they fail to see it the more problematic it will be for this country.

For example: It makes the sobering point that fertility rates are so low in the Europe - and headed that way in the U.S. - that the survival of European civilization is now a biological and historical impossibility.

Europeans aren't having enough children for their culture to survive. Muslims will conquer virtually all of Europe by 2050 without firing a shot, simply through immigration and much higher rates of child-bearing. Unless the U.S. once again heeds the biblical injunction to "be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth," we're next. And we are the last, best hope of mankind. We go, the world goes. View the video of the worlds change in demographics:(YouTube - Muslim Demographics)

Another example of what that means for America:
From the religion of peace: Islam teaches that apostates must be put to death. As Mohammed himself said, "Any [Muslim] person who has changed his religion, kill him." Not much left to the imagination there. Converting to Christianity is illegal in 22 of the 25 Muslim nations worldwide, and will get your head cut off in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and Mauritania. Saudi Arabia finances 80% of the mosques in the U.S. One of its prominent scholars said this week that the only thing up for debate is how long the apostate should be allowed to live before his head is chopped off: three days, a week, or several months. Islam and the West: simply and irretrievably incompatible. There is simply no place for authentic Islam in a civilized society. ( - Islamic Scholars Wrestle With Death-For-Apostasy Issue)

Way to go America! Our strong belief in multiculturalism and our immoral behavior of killing one third of the next generation will lead to our ultimate demise. Now that we have almost eliminated God out of every facet of our society who will help us when we need it? Allah? I doubt it. Where will our blessings come from? our protection? We are beginning to see God's and being lifted from this country...Let's see how long it takes for Americans to realize something is wrong-I'll bet it won't be anytime soon.

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