Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Education bailout?

Letter to the editor- Idaho press tribune 3-8-09

In respose to an article by sherri Wood ( lawmakers don't hurt our children)

I spend most of my free time trying to educate others on the proper role of government, including the dangers of public school and our reliance on government programs.

As I read this article, to me it sounded like the same story...Help the schools? There will be a reduction in books, spending, no new hires,larger class sizes, lay offs, no field trips, no custodian services? This sounds like a letter to the complaint department or a plea to the Obama administration for a bailout.

Our public school system is a mess. Like the government, the more money we throw at it the worse it gets.

There was a story in the news the other day about the lies in our textbooks in both history and science as well as the changes in our english language.The final comment was when asked what we should do was "make sure you teach them the facts before they go to school so they will know the difference"...Why is it we should support the public school system when are children are not being cared for educationally being taught the truth? I could care less about a teacher that loses their job that insists that Evolution is a fact or that our founding fathers were homosexuals.( like they teach in my school district) These public cirriculums promote ignorance and teaches these students that government is their God.

What about the separation of church and state? Our students are being taught Secular humanism and Atheism both of which were recognized by the Supreme court in 1973.

Your children are growing up to believe that there are no absolutes, that everything is relative, that facts change over time, there is no God, except for government,parents do not have rights, abortion the homosexual behavior is an acceptable choice and school shootings are just the sign of the times.

It is our lack of morality in this country and our denial that God is in control that got us here, it will be our acknowledgement of Him once again that will return things back to the nation we once knew and loved.

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