Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oreilly is a neo-con shmuck!

Liberals tend to think that we conservatives have only one source of media information, that being Fox news and I believe they hate it . I wonder if they get this ideology in that they, themselves only rely on one source of information as well.

I believe that the majority of liberals and conservatives have a favorite media source and in most cases rely on this information as "the only source of truth," there are, however others, like myself, who derive their information from many sources including the media source that we favor to verify it's accuracy.

This being said, as a strong true conservative, I do watch Fox and believe they tend to be more "fair and balanced" than the other sources because they offer opinions from both sides that the others tend to forget but not necessarily "fair and balanced" as they say they are. The more appropriate statement would have been that "we are more fair and balanced than the others."

I have watched Fox for years and have a difficult time with many of the perspectives on the various personalities.

I am most pleased by Glen Beck coming to the network as I believe he has the heart of the people and the true ideology of the true American and understands our history of this country.

I am displeased by personalities such as the idiot Geraldo Rivera( proof that Fox isnt all conservative) and the self-proclaimed independent Bill O'reilly which in many cases I cannot tell where he is coming from.

For example, O'reilly stated today that it was a liberal perspective that the public school system is a mess. Who is he kidding? Anyone that has half a brain can see that the public school system is a mess and as I just wrote, like the government, the more money we throw at it the worse it gets!

Fox, I would say is more right-leaning than conservative but the liberals would only realize this if they watched it!

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