Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ignorance reigns

I was listening to the news this morning to a so-called expert on economics was speaking about the devastation to our economy that would occur if congress passes the "Cap and trade"legislation...figures about raising our energy tax by 3000/year per family.I was outraged upon arriving at the gym so I spoke to a friend, he is self proclamed liberal-progressive and asked him about what his thoughts are on the "cap and trade legislation" and if he knew the ramifications if something like this passes.

His answer? What is "Cap and trade"?

This is what I believe to be a classic answer of the ignorance of those who do not know about what they have voted for. I will admit, There are many liberals who know a great deal about issues they believe are significant but have they familiarized themselves with the facts or are they still letting their feelings dictate their conscience?

As I see Americans beginning to wake up, I can only hope it will not be too late, I believe in the saying "If you give someone enough rope they will hang themselves" I sincerely hope this is true.

I really mean no malice toward anyone but I get nervous when I feel malice toward my family, friends, neighbors and fellow Americans.

Intolerant you say? In this instance...perhaps.

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