Thursday, April 16, 2009

mainstream media Sucks!!!

Yesterday was an awesome experience, to stand with likelinded folks, the frustrattion was obvious by the signs and conversations that were heard but was mainly the fear and the concern our fellow citizens felt about the direction of this country. Peoples were well mannered and excited to be there to show the support for one another. I was honored to stand with such individuals.

the videos can be found here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Although I had expected some opposition there was none, except as I was walking to my car holding my flag, a young punk kid yelled "Death to America-Heil Hitler". I was not surprised by the comments but hurt that people feel they have been given the freedom to speak such defammatory gestures. I thought for a moment about him and realized although he was obviously against America, he was smart enough to realize the direction we are headed while so many others seem to still have their heads in the sand.

I am a "right wing extremist", as janet Nopalitano says, and I am proud of it!!!

In addition to the main website here are a few links that attended the protest:

Clayton Cramer's BLOG: Boise Tea Party in picturesPajamas Media » No Ocean Necessary: A Tea Party in the Heartland (Adam Graham's very helpful summary of the Boise Tea Party, published on one the nation's leading political blogs)Free In Idaho! » Blog Archive » Tea Party In Boise (Another local bloggers take.

Thousands turn out for Boise 'Tea Party' protest of federal spending News Updates Idaho Statesman (Dan Popkey's original story on the tea party event)

2,500 march in Boise Tea Party Idaho Press-TribuneTax protesters rally in Idaho - The Olympian (Note: this AP story wrongly says that the IVA "hosted" the Tea Party, the reporter apparently drawing that conclusion from my role as M.C. Although the IVA did offer behind the scenes help and counsel, and repeatedly promoted the event, the organizers were from the Idaho chapters of the National Tea Party and the New American Tea Party: Al Trees, Jim Escobar, Branden Smythe, and Tom Lehman.)Our View: Deficit protests or political grandstanding? Opinion Idaho Statesman

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