Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obamas pushes another day...

As many are aware so much is happening so fast that it is difficult to keep up.
If I were to keep a pencil and paper handy, I would be busy writing all day about the blatent violations that he continually pushes on unsuspecting Americans doing all they can do to keep there families together and performing the 8-5 grind.

Black caucus visits Cuba

Today I see that His administration and the black caucus visited Cuba and praised them in that it did not appear to look like what they thought, they praised the country and the healthcare system without so much as a visit to any politician there or to any healthcare facility there

America is not a Christian Nation?

Obama, in his trip to the middle east and his series of fopahs, announced proudly that America was not a Christian nation but a nation of civilians...The ignorance and/or denial here is more than I can bear.

Obama to repeal the conscious clause

In addition to repealing Foca and Doma as well as many others he believes he has the power, his dictatorship, to override the will of the people once again by repealing the conscious clause "forcing" doctors to commit acts that they believe are immoral.

Who does this guy think he is? Who is it that the American people think he is?

I know who he is...He is the rise and confirmation of the fourth reich, he is a communist dictator and many people think it is great! In the words of a guy who says he was going to bvote for Ron Paul and changed his mind ( yeah right) he says:

"I just don’t fear regulation and see cries of socialism as corporate tools to keep things unregulated..."

Looks to be like Hitler, Stalin, mousolinni and the rest all over again and the people are stupid enough to take us down with them...How dare they!!!

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