Friday, April 3, 2009

Just how bad is it?

Just a brief overview of what the mainstream medea is missing. Do you suppose they are keeping in the dark on purpose or are the clothes Brittany Spears is wearing or the relationship between dysfunctional hollywood characters really more important?

This is just from today!! not yesterday or tomorrow, today! When the government taxes everything and owns everything do you suppose we will then miss our freedoms in America? With the unwillingness of people to see the truth I doubt it.

Government will have the right to search your Ipod, laptop and pc ( so much for our Constitutional right to privacy)
more government food control ( so much for individual freedoms)
HR 875 ( no freedom violations here)
Is growing our food against the law now?
as the acreage drops where will our food come from (hint: the government)
starving and ailing agriculture ( make citizens reliant on government)
Government is taxing everything ( constitution violation)
unconstituional congress ( so much for respect for our constitution)
IRS agent caught cheating on his own taxes ( no corruption here)

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