Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth week propaganda

The last few days were spent on a liberal college campus where theyr'e main focus is on low carbon diets that create the carbon footprint and are responsible for global warming ( .

It happened to be earth week where there were posters and sidewalk chalk posted and written everywhere. I guess they worship the food gods or ourselves, lifting ourselves up to where we, as insignificant as we are, to a point where we can now destroy the earth with the food we eat.

The interesting thing was that were no signs indicating that we should be good stewards of our food resources due to the coming food shortages around the world that has successfully been hidden by the mainstream media, but their was an easel with the amount of food wasted each day by the students and the numbers were staggering.

For these future liberal-progressives who claim to desire to help those less fortunate and promote "greater good" for the world, how can you focus on one issue like the propaganda of global warming but waste 400+ pounds of food each day? The posters claim that eating a cheeseburger leaves a devastating carbon footprint but what is the effect of countries with no food?

As I wandered the campus, I wondered why it was such a top priority to scare our children into submission and focus on global warming, as inconclusive as it is, when we have become such a lost society facing a socio-economic and political collapse in this country. Was this the way that was planned by our wonderful misleading staff and our high tuitions to keep the children busy by focusing on insignificant issues while our leaders destroy their future?

As I sat eating lunch each day I watched them walk by going about their daily lives and living the eutopic ignorance filling a place that was once used for logic, rationality, common sense, intelligent thought now with innaccuracies, lies and the compassion for worthless agendas in it's place.

Their country is now a "terrorist hijacked freight train" , headed for the cliff with unfinished track at the end, they are aboard and have no clue.

Karl Marx said " He who has control over the children has control of the future" my question is what future?

Some facts from Dr. Roy Spencer

Is global warming happening now? No one knows because of year-to-year climate fluctuations, but temperatures stopped rising in 2001 and may be entering a significant cooling trend.
Is it warmer now than in thousands of years? No--and it was probably significantly warmer in the Medieval Warm Period.

Does declining Arctic sea ice evidence manmade global warming? Warming, yes; manmade, no, and recent trends are not significantly different from those of the 1930s.

Is Arctic sea ice melt rate increasing? No.
Is Antarctic sea ice diminishing? No.

Is CO2 a dangerous gas? "Well, if you breathe pure CO2, you will die--from a lack of oxygen, not because CO2 is poisonous. But if you breathe pure oxygen for very long, that will also kill you. Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on Earth; photosynthesis by plants on land and by plankton in the ocean depend on it. And without these forms of life, all the animals (and we humans) would die as well."

How much has CO2 risen as a percentage of the atmosphere since 1958? Not much: from a little under 1/2 of 1/10 of 1% to a little over 1/2 of 1/10 of 1%.

Is CO2 the main greenhouse gas? No, it's about 3% of the greenhouse effect; water vapor (85% to 90%) and clouds (5% to 10%) outweigh it by far.

How much warming would doubled CO2 cause? Not more than 1 degree Centigrade (1/3 the central estimate of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which depends on computer models that wrongly count clouds as a positive feedback; Spencer's satellite data show they're negative).

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