Monday, January 5, 2009

Visit from a friend

I had a visit with a great friend that I have known for 35 years. He and his family come here from Hawaii each year to spend time with ours and to enjoy the Winter weather. We were blessed to have a storm come through the area and give them the snow that is so rarely found in the islands.

He had began his Winter visits about three years ago, when he came with another friend of ours and enjoyed the vacation so much we have continued the tradition.

The vacation relaxation and maximum enjoyment factor may have changed for my friend since I was awakened to an urgency that was almost undescribable two years ago. I was awakened to an unquechable desire for knowledge both biblically and politically, desiring the truth for each and their application not only of the world but for our country, our state and as individuals.

I began his trip last year with a compilation of commentaries from a friend of mine, Coach Dave Daubenmire, who was sued by the ACLU for praying with his high school football team in New London, Ohio, who has, since dedicated the rest of his life to preaching the truth on the same issues as I feel led to educate others about. He, through Christ, is my mentor.

We had began listening shortly after I picked him up and before three of the commentaries had finished, he politely asked me if we could listen to music or something that was more "posistive" because the commentaries were regarding the most contraversial issues that plague the world today.I told him since I had his attention for a few hours I would have him listen to these commentaries because I wasn't sure he would take the time to listen if we were apart. I told him this would be all I would bother him with this trip not realizing what would happen the following year.

This year began much the same way but I promised myself I would not batter him like I did the previous year but it didn't take long before we were conversing about what I had learned through my research of the previous year and in many issues it was apparent that we did not agree.

I have had very few true friends in my life and I value them. It is important for me to explain that I love my friends in such a way that I am willing to sacrifice those frienships in order for them to get the truth.

John is not one who I would say who spends much time researching issues like I do. He has a full business and a crew to run as well as a family. I, on the other hand, am soon in need for work and have taken advantage of the slow time to become more educated and I enjoy it.

John is like many people I know, in one aspect, in that he finds so many of these contraversial issues so hard to believe. He believes that People and governments are generally good and that most people make decisions according to their good conscience. He believes that these people have respect for religion, the law and the Constitution as the law of the land. He believes that the Media tells the truth and that people do not generally lie especially in positions like leadership and the media. He does not seem too aware about bad things that are so far fetched that they can't possibly have any validity.

My friend John is the happiest, most kind-hearted, ecologically-friendly, self-professed Christian that I know. Sometimes I wonder if I would have that happiness if I didn't know what I do as well. Does "Ignorance is Bliss" really hold true?

I ask myself, frequently, How with all of the reading and research I do in order to find the truth, can I not be effective in educating others on issues that are so important that if they continue not knowing will become dangerous for future generations? How is it that we have become so numb to our surroundings that we will not believe something IS until it happens to us personally?

If my friend who has known me forever does not believe what I tell him, how will I get anyone else to?

Excited at times I feel truly blessed to know what I know, however knowing for myself is not where the true blessings come from, it is in finding those who are willing to listen and begin to research for themselves to find the truth that isn't hard to find if one would just look.

I love my friends and have a deep respect for them for who they are and the fact that put up with me as long as they have. I would do anything for them and I hope they realize that includes not being afraid to "call a spade a spade" and being up front in every way.

I sincerely hope that our trips continue in the future and one day I may have others see what I see and that I may create a hunger for truth and knowledge as was given to me.

JOB 17:5 "He that speaketh flattery to his friends, even the eyes of his children shall fail"

Job 19:21 Have pity upon me, have pity upon me, O yea my friends; for the hand God hath touched me.

Joh 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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