Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of America and the Constitutional Republic

Sadly, today, the lies, coverups, corruption and the complete disregard and denial of the truth have led to the next president of the United States who has set out to change the course of 232 years of "moral and viruous leadership." The ignorance of the people prevail.

America really hasn't really been that way for several years but it began that way. Never have the American people been so willing to sacrifice their freedom for money...what the government can do for us; what the government will do for us, oppression, force, coersion, that, my friends is what we will get.

There are similarities in much of the verbiage that is used today as was used during the 1930's as Hitler imposed his ideology on Germany and through force and coersion many other nearby countries.

"A country that does not know where it has been does not know where it is going" one of our founding fathers said. I add that if we cannot remember history we are doomed to make the same mistakes again.

So as I close, think of all the wonderful things that "Change" brings:

Signature of FOCA
Instating the "fairness doctrine"
promoting "hate crimes" legislation
silencing "free speech"
Initiatives to "ban guns"
promoting equality to homosexuals
increased taxes and government spending
Invocation by a homosexual bishop

Inviting the "apostate" pastor, Rick Warren to speak as if he, himself is the new Jesus or one of Obamas disciples. Ezekial 24 is clear where he stands.


Ingrid mattson, an unrepentant woman with ties to Hamas will lead the prayer at the Cathedral, what will she pray for?


If we are to accept this prayer in a catholic church then maybe someone should consider reading an article that sums up the problem with this.

A British Muslim, showing the fundamental incompatibility of Islam with Western values, has called Christmas an "evil celebration" and "the pathway to hell." Rebuking Muslims who decorate their houses or serve Christmas turkey dinners, he says, "How can a Muslim possibly approve or participate in ... a practice that bases itself on the notion Allah has an offspring? The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam." He lives in England on a government dole, if you can believe it, getting about $40,000 a year, which funds his hate-filled sermons, in which he has, for instance, called for the execution of the Pope. ('Christmas is the pathway to hell': Muslim lawyer's extraordinary rant at 'evil' celebration Mail Online)

Have the people in this country lost their minds? One question of many is the question is :

"Why would a free man give up their freedom to another or to be dictacted by their government."

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