Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Supreme court considers violating the will of the people

I have been in great dialogue with a recent reader on many subjects and appreciate the correspondence.

One particular thing stayed with me long after the comments we shared and that was when he said that " I am not being forced to do anything I do not want to do by the progression of secularization of America and the homosexual agenda, I however disagree.

It is quite obvious and has been for some time that we are , in fact being "forced" in many ways, it would not take long for someone to perform the research on the internet or library to find that what I am saying is true.

I have been compiling articles and links relating to the advancement of what many believe to be a violation of our individual liberty, natual law, God's law and civil law.

I commonly associate these advancements to being "forced" to comply, not only with the homosexual agenda but in all cases of persecution against believers in God.

Many will disagree but it important to understand that I only base my opinions on my facts received and do not intend on creating my own system of "moral relativity" relying only on my perseption and my feelings on a particluar day.
Some examples are:

9th Circuit 'making law' againConservative military watchdog Elaine Donnelly believes the Supreme Court will once again be called on to overturn a ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, this time dealing with the military's ban on homosexuals serving in the military.

Americans taxed to fund abortionsA conservative congressman is blasting Democrats for attempting to use the emergency war-funding bill to line the pockets of the countr y's largest abortion provider.

High Court Unlikely to Settle 'Gay Marriage' Issue, Experts Say( - Last week's decision by the California Supreme Court establishing homosexual marriage there has some people wondering whether the U.S. Supreme Court eventually will take up the issue. Top legal experts have different opinions.

Pastors to Be Sued for Not 'Marrying' Sodomites?Editor's note: After refusing to publicly hold civil officials accountable for disobeying the commandments of God concerning the crimes of homosexuality, pastors and churches in California now may face lawsuits for refusing to "marry" filthy sodomites, lawyers say. "Ye are...

Scouts sue to stay in headquartersA Boy Scouts chapter is suing the city of Philadelphia for charging the organization $200,000 rent because the city doesn't like the Scouts' ban on homosexuals from participating in Scouting.Churches harassed in MinnesotaChurches in Ramsey County, Minnesota, are facing what Christian legal experts call illegal harassment.

Liberty Counsel Will File a Motion on Friday with the California Supreme Court Requesting a Stay and a Rehearing on the Marriage Decision

Campus tirade against pro-lifersThe free-speech rights of a University of Wisconsin pro-life club were violated recently, and the incident has been posted on the popular video-sharing website YouTube.

California Supreme Court’s Denial of Stay Ignores the Will of the People

Home schooling labeled 'anarchy'The response of California's teachers' union to pro-family attempts to protect home schooling in that state has outraged one attorney who is working on the case.

Fatigue, intimidation take toll in MaineA campaign to remove special legal protections for Maine residents who choose to engage in homosexual behavior has ended, due in part -- says the campaign organizer -- to an intimidation campaign by homosexual activists.

Homosexual Activists Seek to Block Vote on California Marriage Amendment)

Proposition 8, a classic case of "judicial tyranny" and the advancement of "special interest" groups confirming another instance of Socialism and the further corruption of this government.

Like I said, there are many articles that prove that their is an element of "force" in such agendas and it is important to decide:

Do we go by a system of laws, The Constitution, or don't we?

We can't have it both ways.

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