Thursday, January 29, 2009 - coersion or volunteer?

I received an email from a friend of mine asking me to join their cause to "Save under God in the pledge of Allegiance." As I looked closer , to my amazement, I found that she and her friends were Obama supporters. I was confused for a moment with all the hoopla about Obama not wearing the flag and his disregard for the Constitution until I read posts from her followers commending themselves on how they all had performed community service after signing up for and how good they felt.

Although I believe that community service is a great thing and it pleases me to see people becoming involved in their communities I can only wonder what his underlying intent is for this program.

Community service has been around along time., since biblical days, where "The good samaritan" came from. I am a bit worried in that these people mesmerized by Obama think this may be something he conjured up. Two questions I have:

Is there more here than meets the eye and
Will this always remain "volunteer organization?"

It is not rocket science to understand all through history when government becomes too large it's citizens become oppressed and enslaved rather than enjoying the freedom as we have here for 232 years

With Obamas injection of larger spending and larger government it is important to consider the possibility that he may make it mandatory.Presently, community service is either done for two reasons, for restitution or from the goodness of ones heart, it really should remain this way.

Do we really need another government program under our current economic conditions?

Have we come to a point in time where we can no longer think to "do for others" unless the government says so? It would appear that way since our displacement for biblical teachings...after all it too is a biblical concept.

I have never understood what the "under God" thing had to do with their cause, except maybe that the reason why we rely on the government is because we realize subconciously we have lost God's blessing on this country and "we" are all we have or our relentless pursuit to drive God out is finally stricking a chord, either way if we do not wake up from this "Love fest" we will find ourselves as an added statistic in governments that have fallen before us.

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