Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caring for the poor

Is it worth it for an entire country's government to take care of the poor if it violates the principle of "property rights?"Who will take care of them? Our founding fathers said many times:

"Anybody but the federal government"

Americans throughout history have never tolerated the suffering and starvation and disease that has plagues thwe world. The primary help came from churches, individual families, as a community or even the state level.

President Grover Cleveland vetoed legislation designed to spend federal tax dollars on private welfare problems stating:

"...I do not believe that the power and duty of thre general government ought to be in no matter properly related to public service..."
...Though the people support the government the government should not support the people..."

"... the friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied on to relieve fellow-citizens misfortune..."

Simply stated, he believed that federal aid would weaken the sturdiness of our national character and make the people become lazy in that they would no longer have to work but become a "drain" on society and their fellow citizens.

It is my opinion that, as I have stated before, we are vastly becoming a nation whom has forgotton what made us who we are. We have ditched the one thing, GOD, that has granted us blessings and unyielding prosperity moreso than any other nation in the world, in history.

As history dicatates it has always been the church who has taken on the responsibility to care for the less fortunate or those in need in cases of emergencies and have done very well.

Is it possible that now since we have denied the church it's rightful place in our nation and in our hearts, that we now think that the government will take care of us?

Must I remind you of Katrina? Was the government there when we need it? NO! It was the church!

In disasters or times of need I never heard anyone cry " Separation of church and state!!" The ACLU was silent, Michael Newdow was silent, 1st freedom first was silent and many others...WHY??

Isn't it ironic that anti-christian groups can continue to resist the church but in times of need no one says a word?

Once these anti-christian groups are successful in closing down the church who will be there when you need them?

It is our job as fellow-citizens to take care of the less fortunate and not a burden for the government to carry. We have become so selfish and so focused on our own lives that we have lost sight of this responsibility.

It brings me joy to see Obama step up and refocus on our commitment to them but there is one problem with his solution...

Government is never the solution, the power rests in GOD and through Him, should rest in the people.

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