Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama and his tax cuts

Didn't Obama say that he would ONLY TAX the individuals that made over 250k a year?

I specifically remember that Obama promised to raise taxes on those who make more than 250k a year!

Over and over he said this. Are his supporters going to now pretend that he din't say this? Aside from the fact that , we, the American people are so ignorant to the fact that most taxes we pay today are not Constitutional thus unlawful!!

I wonder how it is that so many supporters hang on his every word when those words "change" as often as they do-Oh, that's right, THE SPECIAL INTEREST, ENTITLEMENT CROWD!!

This is one of many reasons why I do not trust him because of his lack of consistency in ANY certian area, except the areas relating to the "special interest groups"How can we trust anyone who is not consistent with what they say, especially one in leadership?

So why is it that hollywood is getting a 248 Billion dollar bailout? The wealthiest sector in America, the group that makes 250k look like minimum wage, how could they possibly need a bailout unless their was an underlying interest for those who have given the money to them?

As I have suggested before, facts are important in diseminating the truth in anything, we cannot continue to base what we think on feelings without regard to reason, vitue and ethics and morality without suffering the consequences....We have exchanged our freedom for enslavement! replaced God with government and sold our souls to the devil and the almighty dollar, will we not suffer the consequences...Here they come.

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