Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obamas citizenship continued...

I was at the checkout in the grocery store last night and to my surprise I saw Obamas face on a magazine!!! The surprise surely wasnt his face but what was written about him.

Headline reads: " where Obama was really born" Please see the article here http://www.globemagazine.com/
I was so shocked that any media outlet would finally write the truth about this guy.
I have read articles for over two years with regards to his citizenship and with the evidence presented I believe strongly that not only is he not a citizen and not qualified to be the president via the Constitution, the media has continued to lie and protect him from having to answer any questions that may implicate him.
There are 7 lawsuits that I am aware of in regards to having him prove his citizenship and they are being thrown out left and right.
I have spoken to many people who trust and believe in him so strongly they tell me that "it doesn't matter if he is not a citizen." My question to them was "So you think it is ok to violate the law of the land in order for him to be president?" They all say that that is no big deal and that it has to be better than "the last eight years of Bush"
Do people realize what they are saying anymore? Are we willing to sell ourselves to the Devil because we do not like Gods judgement upon us? Let's just sell ourselves out now?
He is not the "Messiah"
Wake Up America, we are an ignorant, selfish, spoiled-rotton and asleep.

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