Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Forced" Indoctrination

I had the fortunate experience capturing a reader briefly while writing about "homosexuality" and the companies that support their progression and this information is specifically related to the subject of being "Forced to comply"

Below is the link that shows video of schools in Massachusetts who support and promote "gay and lesbian" pride day.

It is my opinion that subjects such as this being taught in school are not only unacceptable but immoral and innappropriate and not for the "public school system" to decide but for the parents as individuals on their own time without the help of our tax dollars and government intervention.

Please click on the link below and I appreciate your comments.

Homosexuality being taught in school.


There are many instances where we are "forced" to accept what we believe to be an unacceptable behavior and here is one man's fight to his "freedom of speech and "right to teach his child as he sees fit without interruption from the government

John Freshwater faces the battle for the indoctrination of his childrens minds and continues to stand for what he believes.


Are we not being forced to comply?

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