Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free speech

I suppose the phrase "free speech" to many means exactly what it says, that any one person or persons can say anything they want without being persecuted? Is this it's intent?

If this is so then why are their so many instances where Christians are asked to be quiet, asked to leave while praying in the Cairo district in San francisco, or the man arrested for speaking biblical scripture in front of the liberty bell in Philidelphia, or the OIC at the United nations trying to make speaking against Islam punishable by death in America, how about the fairness doctrine? Silence those in oppositon is the ruling...these examples just to name a few.

How is it we can go by the letter of the above phrase without manipulation to include vile, sacreligious and immoral, disrepectful statements but silence the truth on what founded this great nation.

It is important to know that the American people and people around the world are being duped by a barrage of lies so large that once your eyes have been opened you will not believe the depth and complexity and the ultimate goal for our future.

Our founding fathers never intended "free speech" to mean what the "Supreme Court" and the "ACLU"have desumated it to mean. If anyone knew any history they would understand this as a complete lie and the lies continue un-noticed by American citizens.

The article today where an islamic man was awarded 240,000 for his violation of rights by the ACLU is heresy. If anyone knew history they would understand that Islam is in exact opposition to what America believes but we have become so ignorant that we don't know any better.

I must retract abit in the last statement in that before America was a "multicultural nation" because of our "tolerance" to allow other religions. Other Christian religions at first then to include all religions, which our founding fathers warned us of the dangers, Free speech was included in the Bill of rights, in this nation built to further "Christianity" to allow the freedom to express our beliefs in Christ no to supress them. The Bill of Rights being part of the Constitution makes it part of the documents that our founding fathers specifically stated was for a "moral and religious people." Religious meant for Christianity not to include all others. If we are not either, they realized that this law of the land would have no meaning.

As I have written before, the ACLU (American Communist Lawyer Association), the Supreme court and others could not accurately site or interpret the Constitution if their lives depended on it. Sadly our lives do.

Please America, wake up before it is too late!!!

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