Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why is there a cultural divide?

Ever wonder why there is a cultural divide? Is it because the right hates the left-Is it that the democrats hate the republicans. Is it that the Christians hate the gays or vice versa? I know that in every crowd there exist both extremes but which is the proper role of a Christian to play if they live by what the scripture says?

I became a Christian about 19 years ago when I realized my life was going no where and no matter how hard I tried it wasn't getting any better. I would not trade the journey for anything in the world but it is important to note that becoming a Christian did not make my life easier only better.

I became involved in current events and an activist about two years ago and haven't been the same since, another life changing moment that has been the most emotional, gut wrenching and at times, difficult time and period of growth I have ever experienced.

Last January, as I had mentioned in a previous post, I was invited to attend a pro-life memorial where I was fortunate to have met an individual that only God could have placed in my life and was unable to see it until just recently. In the beginning I thought I was put into his life, realizing now that he may have been put in mine.

Since January I have spend more time wondering about this cultural issue than anything else trying to find out if there is a way to open lines of communication, remain true to our worldview but try to communicate in a way that would appear non-combative and would seem like we actually care.

Do you suppose that Christians really hate homosexuals or do you suppose homosexuals hate Christians? WHat if the culture war was created by the media or the government as a way to to establish a smoke screen while they are keeping us busy fighting while they are up to something we may be unaware of?

After this revelation I thought long and hard and have considered attending the Boise pride event, in an effort to reach out and find out for myself if the hated really exists but wanted to see if there may be some other churches that would be willing to join me.

I can't say I was shocked to find out after several phone calls that no one would be willing to join me to spread the message. Sharing the love of Christ as we are called to do as Christians is what churches should be encouraging thier congregations to do, but instead they shyed away, in fear that it may be too political, we could get hurt or that we could gain negative media attention. What did Jesus do and how did he react?

In my perspective, this was so wrong on so many levels, specifically, serving more than one master as in Matt 6:24, serving the political realm rather than doing what Jesus has called us to, in addition to a violation of the first commandment that we shall have no other god before us and therefore not an acceptable way for Christians to live.

To bring this to a close, I have found a love like I have never imagined - not a homosexual love but an "agape love" , like Jesus loves us,or a brotherly love, a love for this individual I have never encountered before, a geniune caring for his well being. How can I be considered a "hategroup" with the way I was left to feel about someone, who may be just as lost as anyone else I know going through life trying to put together the pieces and figuring things out the best way we all know how.

If I happen to attend this event and am allowed to ( entries subject to rejection without cause) I will update with information and will pray that this will be a positive event and another life changing event in my life and hopefully those whom I come in contact with.

Prayers are requested and maybe I can find a few "BRAVE" men to attend in the hope that we can begin to change hearts and minds with love and grace without denying the truth all as Jesus did.

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