Thursday, June 18, 2009

Denied at pride for being different

I spoke with the director of Pride, Inc this morning and he seemed very short and frustrated by my call. He said that he spent most of the day on the phone yesterday dealing with my desire to attend the parade.

I had mentioned to him that I spoke with the city clerk about the permit issue, which he claimed was the reason I was not allowed to enter the parade and my non-payment( which wasnt true) issue and he told me

" You are not going to have a vehicle in this parade and you should be lucky that I am allowing you to march in it!"

He went on further to say that if at anytime I become violent, enter into debate or have any conversations in opposition to this event I will be removed by the Boise Police. He had also agreed that if someone from the parade started something with our group that it would be my fault because I am the one, the minority, the antagonist. I had assured him that I was not there to be devisive, hateful, or to point fingers, I was there to offer water as a welcoming jesture and to share the good news as I figured the other 6 to 8 other churches were doing that are in attendence.

Is this a violation of my free speech, right to peacefully assemble, freedom of religion and an obstruction to be able to attend an event on a public street?

Does this guy really think that I would walk into an event like this whether by myself or in a small group and make 1000's of people angry on purpose?

Besides do people really believe everything they read in the newspaper and believe that what is written is actually all true? If this is so then we are in bigger trouble than I thought and have much bigger issues than this event.

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