Friday, June 12, 2009

Government over reach is Socialism!

Blah, blah, blah! I have screamed at my television so much hoping someone hears me, anyone, someone who agrees? There are plenty who don't. Why? Will someone tell me why? I keep posting about this hoping someone will read it and write comments back explaining why we think government is more qualified to make decisions for us than we are?

Car Czars, compensation czars, energy czars, smoking czars, finance czars, human rights czars, tax czars, health and welfare czars etc...It appears that the American people have heard enough rhetoric and are now believeing it.

Anyone see a pattern hear? First there is the name that sounds like a name from something from a communist country, Russia, I think then there are the obvious branches of government that are being created daily to take control of every facet of society.

If the above are not enough or not believed we now have had or will have speech control, judicial control, gun control, internet, control, knife control, food control, car control, bank control, climate control, energy control, school control, church control, population control, health control, cigarette control and now we are to fill out a 100 page census that clearly violates our right to privacy? All in the first 100ish days?

These are all issues that the government has TAKEN from you and sugar-coating it so it will make it sound like it is a good thing...just as Hitler and so many others did.

Did it occur to anyone that Hitler's rise to power began after he took over volkswagon?

His plans for prolonged detentions, in addition to his apologies to middle eastern countries, closing Gitmo and having the tax payers pay for the welfare of these individuals at a rate of 200 billion, which equates to 12 billion per terrorist.

He tells these countries that we are no longer a Christian nation and in the same breath says we are the largest muslim population in the world, all the while manipulating the Constitution of the United States, mocking the Christian bible and holding all visible reverance to the Quoran with his precision and eloquence in the pronunciation of the muslim verbiage.

Promises transparency while denouncing his agenda is socialism. His appointees are all part of the "good ol boys club" that he promised to dissolve. His political appointees individual or collectively bring with them the continued corruption and total lack of integrity of previous administrations but in my eyes worse because he seems to have blinded the people with his good looks and his charm. He has accused good tax paying American citizens who have sacrificed for their country in the name of freedom only to come home and be labeled "right wing terrorists?

How have we become a nation that has sold out our God,morality,history integrity and respect for one another for a non-American muslim citizen who is seated as the most powerful seat in this country by corruption, that promises us prosperity, equal rights and money at our own expense?

Ben Franklin warned us "When the American citizens can figure out a way to vote in money, this will be the end of the republic"


This is another wake up call!!!

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