Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Todays news( not to be found in mainstream media!)

How do YOU feel about this: Boy Scouts being trained to disarm and kill American citizens stokes fears of Hitler Youth http://www.voltairenet.org/article160061.html
“In Nazi Germany, the Hitler Youth succeeded the Boy Scout movement. Hitler Youth training was militarized in comparison to the Boy Scout network, which was largely based around education. Boys aged fourteen and upwards, as well as a separate branch aged 10-14, were trained at preparatory schools to become future Nazi leaders. At its height in 1940, and after it had become mandatory to join, the Hitler Youth boasted no less than 8 million members.
“Apparently in a shift away from the traditional Boy Scouts activities of sports, camping, survival skills and team leadership, the government is now training children “to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence” under the banner of the Explorers program, with the aid of military-style exercises aimed at subduing insurgents.”

Barack Obama and Raila Obama (8:18 minutes)
Obama campaigns for murderer in Kenya (4 min)
Brainwash and spread propaganda using young kids (2:45)
October 10, 2008: Proof Obama backed ruthless foreign thug

It’s now June and an usurper still sits in the White House when he’s not flying around on his new toy, Air Force One. The pressure is and will continue to mount until the Obama citizenship crisis is addressed and Obama/Soetoro is exposed as a fraud and liar. Remember: it’s not just his long form birth certificate. It’s the fact that he was a dual citizen at birth and can never be constitutionally eligible to be president; the complete file here.

In the meantime, Americans better pay attention to the usurper president’s idea of justice:
Career lawyers overruled on voting case

What’s Wrong with a little Wealth Redistribution anyway? By Daniel Greenfield
Word that the Obama Administration may have used its power over Chrysler’s restructuring process to shut down dealerships whose owners donated to Republican candidates, while leaving open dealerships that donated to Obama is spreading across conservative blogs. But while this kind of abuse of government power is shocking, it really shouldn’t be.
Government is an engine of wealth redistribution, and when it gains control of businesses, it redistributes wealth in a way that benefits its supporters. That is what government always does, no matter how it disguises it.
Triangle in Anapoima Mandarino Tree Parrot Soap Opera of All Time! By Judi McLeod
Step aside, Julio Iglesias and all you other romantic Latino singers, Paco the Parrot is here.
Bogota Free Planet (BFP) promised they would record for CFP the Parrots of Anapoima belting out the haunting refrain from the song “Cucurruccu Paloma”, and that’s just what they did.
Obama Only Interested in Bailing Out Union Buddies By JB Williams
Obama is on the cusp of making American taxpayers the proud new bankrupt owners of what is now affectionately referred to as “Government Motors.”—As GM follows Chrysler into Fed forced bankruptcy, Obama’s economic guru has already worked out the details of how GM will emerge from bankruptcy court a wholly owned asset of the Fed.
Rachel Maddow destroys Obama on lying to the American people By Online

American Politics
Will America Be An Accomplice to Israel’s Death? By Jerry McConnellObama has already accepted that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons

Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court senorita: A case of unapologetic racism By Paul WilliamsStrong ties to La Raza, the Latino answer to the KKK

Quote Of The Day By Bob ParksNancy Pelosi, Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory

Is The No-VAT Diet Over? By Bob ParksPresident Obama has said the government is broke
Lawmaker Calls for ACORN Probe By Matthew VadumTwisted finances of the radical activist group ACORN

Gas Prices Soar: Media and Dems in Tank for Obama? By John LillpopEerie undoing of the law of supply and demand

Torture? Who Are They Kidding? By Alan CarubaThe willful refusal to admit that the United States and the West is at war stands in stark contrast to the Cold War

“The Great American Story” As Fig Leaf By Monica CrowleyObama attempts to cover himself regarding SCOTUS selection of Sotomayor

Torturing the Rule of Law - A Different Perspective By John BarnhartWhy I disagree with Congressman Ron Paul on this issue

Torturing the Rule of Law By Congressman Ron PaulWhy I am against water boarding

Obama Says “Now or Never” on Commie Scheme: Let’s Give NEVER a Chance, Prez! By John LillpopGovernment interference in private enterprise, support for corrupt labor unions

Stimulus and Bailout By OnlineLetter to Congressman Dr. Phil Roe

There is so much more going on in the US and all over the country now, it seems like you could stay awake 24/7 and never be close to up to par on what happens in one day and never be able to get the truth no matter how hard you look. It would appear that they are performing magic tricks or "slight of hand" that would keep the citizens concerned on some issues while they are behind the scenes doing something else that you know by now isn't in anyone's best interest but for himself and his onterage.

What really is happening? You be the judge but if you are asleep,WAKE UP!!!!!

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