Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Response from a local homosexual about parade entry

I had the priviledge of speaking to my homosexual friend today about the article that was written in the paper today and wanted to know his thoughts.

He said that he thought I was nuts! He didnt realize I was entering the parade he just thought I was standing on the side.We laughed!

Evidently this story created a bit of a firestorm and I wanted to get his opinion on the article and the message he received from reading it and if the message in the article was articulated well enough to the discussion we had, since he knows me and knows the intent of my heart.

He said to me that he was offended because of the insinuation that I was there to offer help for recovery and that it implied that they had an illness. He said if this isn't your message, which he already knew, you need to clarify your message!

I told him that I was a bit disappointed in the article as well but I told him this was the problem with the media in that they never say the truth about the interview. They have to spin it into something that is much worse and larger than it is. To try to create chaos when it isnt necessary.

I told him my message was about sharing the love of Christ with others and to reach out, as a Christian, to others and to go where few or no one has been before. To send a subtle ( so much for that!) message that I am not a hatemonger with a hateful message nor a homophobe for in fact I am not afraid of them but want to reach out...doing what Christ would have me do, in the way I believe he would do it.

This was meant as a kind jesture, done with love in my heart and a smile on my face. I figured there was no way this would be taken the wrong way, afterall there were some 6-8 other churches I was informed of that would also be there.

I had a discussion with Senator LeFavour this afternoon to explain my intent and she shared her thoughts, as I did to find out that the sentiments were much the same as I had heard from my friend. I told her my intent, that I had no intention on making them feel unsafe but to offer the ultimate in safety, the Love of Christ.

She did say however that this approach was probably the most polite, or respectful way that she had ever seen and thanked me for my willingness to put a voice to the article. The conversation seemed to have went well.

I felt it was important for Ms. Lefavour to hear the heart behind the article rather than read the words of a page that may be mistakenly misunderstood hoping it would make the difference.

I am not a Whack-o, I am not insane. I have a clear vision to reach out to others to clear up the perceived misunderstanding that Christians are people who hate others, who will point fingers and judge those without any understanding of who they are and/or why they feel like they do and to engage in a culture that feels so ignored, like no one cares or that no one is listening.

Some may feel that my presence is stupid, to pass out water bottles with scripture...are their not people in the crowd who claim to be homosexual Christians? If these bottles of water are offensive then I am confused about the presence of the churches in attendence and will need to be enlightened.

You have my attention.

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