Thursday, June 18, 2009

media coverage continues...

I have been receiving calls today from a variety of media outlets and was posed to figure out how and if I would accept the proposed interviews due to the fact that my message in attending the parade would be further skewed that it already has been.

First, for some reason, I received a call from the American family news and he had mentioned that this story is being read at the national level, I was shocked and never wanted this kind of attention due to the possible media spin, but was told by both sides that it is probably better this way to "manage my message".

Later,I received a call from Nate Shelman from and accepted his radio interview because it would not be misunderstood because it wouldn't be edited. I have no idea if this interview is available online but I had a chance to speak from my heart and believe it went well.

As Sources had told me, this station is not well listened to by the LBGT community so my true intentions still may not be made known to those whom I wanted as my target audience. I hope it is better realized by my attendence.

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