Thursday, June 4, 2009

LGBT and blacks get one month celebration, US gets one day

In a continuation from a previous post ( Obama make June gay pride month) I was trying to understand the idea of "fairness" behind Obamas proclamation of gay pride month when there are no federal holidays that are longer than one day.

We have Black history month and some others but seem like such coincidence that we have only offered monthly acknowledgements to issues pertianing to minorities, or as some consider them "special interest groups." I am proud that America has come to a place where we no longer treat the black man as less of a human but the difference in this acceptance here is that there is no violation of natural law, civil law or even biblical law.

How is fairness encorporated into this when we have neither a "white history month" nor heterosexual parades? White entertainment television? or college funds dedicated to "white people?"

So far we have "gay pride month", gay parades, gay sponsorships and promotions over other groups, gay legislation, gay awareness and education and those who oppose are being "forced"
to be subject to it, is this not a violation of personal liberty?

Can this and should this not be an issue that is a personal and private issue? Should those who oppose be able to enjoy their own lifestyle and teach their children in the way they choose without being subject to the fulfillent of agendas of whom are not only the minority but whom have fulfilled their agenda by violating civil law and now made as a monthly awareness? How do Americans really feel about a decision that the president made without the will of the people...isn't this un-constitutional? DO the people even know that this was even a violation?

The federal ONE DAY holidays are listed here:

• January 1, 2009: New Year's Day [Jan. 1 every year]
• January 19, 2009: Martin Luther King Day [3rd monday in Jan]
• January 20, 2009: Inauguration Day [every 4th year]
• February 16, 2009: Presidents Day (observed) [3rd monday in Feb] note: Presidents Day is also Washington's Birthday (observed)
• May 25, 2009: Memorial Day (observed) [last monday in May]
• July 4, 2009: Independence Day [July 4 every year]
• September 7, 2009: Labor Day [1st monday in Sept]
• October 12, 2009: Columbus Day (observed) [2nd monday in Oct]
• November 11, 2009: Veterans' Day [Nov. 11 every year]
• November 26, 2009: Thanksgiving Day [4th thursday in Nov]
• December 25, 2009: Christmas Day [Dec. 25 every year]

So out of all holidays am I to understand that GLBT day is more important(indicated by the length of time of the particular holiday) than the holidays we all share? The proclaimed "GREATER GOOD of ALL"?Inauguration day? presidents day? memorial day? independence day? Labor day, Columbus day? Thanksgiving and Christmas?

how about these?

• January 24 [every year]: Belly Laugh Day [info]• February 2 [every year]: Groundhog Day• February 12 [every year]: Lincoln's Birthday• February 14 [every year]: St. Valentines Day• February 24, 2009: Fat Tuesday (a.k.a. Paczki Day) - day before Lent starts• February 22 [every year]: Washington's Birthday (traditional date, not observed date)• March 17 [every year]: St. Patrick's Day• April 10, 2009: Good Friday (U.S. stock market is closed on this day)• April 12, 2009: Easter Sunday• April 1 [every year]: April Fool's Day• April 22 [every year]: Earth Day [info]• April 22, 2009: Administrative Professionals Day (National Secretary's Day) [info]• May 5 [every year]: Cinco de Mayo• May 10, 2009: Mother's Day [2nd sunday in May]• May 16, 2009: Armed Forces Day [3rd saturday in May]• June 14 [every year]: Flag Day• June 21, 2009: Father's Day [3rd sunday in June]• July 26, 2009: Parents' Day [4th Sunday in July]• Sept. 13, 2009: Grandparents' Day [first sunday after Labor Day] • September 11 (9/11)[every year]: anniversary of terrorist attack on World Trade Center in 2001.• September 16 [every year]: Stepfamily Day [info 1] [info 2]• September 17 [every year]: Citizenship Day• Native American Day: 4th friday in September, celebrated (observed) many different days • October 16 [every year]: Boss's Day (National Bosses Day)• October 17, 2009: Sweetest Day [3rd saturday in Oct]• October 31 [every year]: Halloween - for costumes props decorations → click here• November 3, 2009: Election Day [first tuesday after first monday in Nov]• December 7 [every year]: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day [details] - attacked in 1941, WWII.• December 12-19, 2009: Chanukah/Hanukkah [info]• December 26 - Jan 1 [every year]: Kwanzaa• December 31 [every year]: New Year's Eve

These and additional dates are found here:

Watching all of the current events and legislation that is being passed, I wonder if these decisions are made for the greater good at all and seems like for the minority groups...maybe just to contiue the tension with opposing worldviews.

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