Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Response to invitation to animal cruelty cause on FB

I appreciate the invite to this cruely to animals website and I agree with all of you that this is truly tragic and that something should be done to prevent this from happening. I cant help but wonder why this website has more interest in saving animals than the site that desires to protect unborn babies, why is this?

Are the lives of animals now more important than human lives? It appears that women have been given the choice to abort, should I have the choice to slaughter my own animal if I so choose? Of course I wouldn't being an animal lover myself , I am just trying to make a point.

Without being disrespectful to the cause can anyone enlighten me on why people have more reverance for animals than their own offspring?

Every month there are about 5000 babies killed in abortion clinics. 1/3rd of the next generation has been destroyed in the name of convenience which will lead to moral, ethical and economic ramifications.

I have always been a man of priorities and have always felt that human life should be one of the highest priorities. It makes perfect sense when you consider than every domestic animal needs a place to live and be loved, if we kill future owners, who will take care of future animals?

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