Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is the Law? Is this a problem?

What is the Law? Is this a problem?

 Governments were created by "the people' to protect their rights, not to dictate them.

 Governments rule over their people and dictate the rights they never had authority to do. The following example sums up the award winning legal system in the freest county in the world

 Local tax paying Citizen in local school challenges his rights and that of his children in a district meeting,

 Gets letter from school attorney (Paid for by the tax payer to protect the school against citizen) stating he committed a crime.

 School board verbally states that they have not restricted citizen’s liberty (how Ironic is that?)

 When citizen writes response to attorney and never gets a written response, the citizen makes calls to attorney's office to see if he can get answers to his questions and gets repeatedly ignored and never a letter or a call back.

 When citizen writes letter to the Attorney General, he receives a letter that states the (taxpayer funded) AG's office was created to protect the interest of the state (Against the tax payer that pays their salary and retirement benefits for life) and is referred to an attorney because they can't give legal advice.

 Is asking what form of government we have today asking advice or holding our system accountable and their failure to answer the question negligent?

 What is the law? Is it what an attorney thinks it is, how about the supreme Court?

 In my quest to find out, I have contacted the Legislature, the Governor, the Attorney General, various senators, congressman and they all refuse to answer the question, WHY?

Isn’t the power inherent in the people that established government to protect the people and did we not reserve the right to hold them accountable to know what the laws are?

 Is there somewhere I can go to have someone tell me? What if no one knows the answer to the question? My guess, No one knows!

 How are “we the people” to know what the laws are and subject to them only when law enforcement states we have committed a crime? If we are not told what the law is, how can we be responsible for the knowledge of them and why then does this concept not apply to our created government?

 So, as I look at the constitution, which I was told a long time ago was our rule of law, I believe one must be a licensed BAR attorney in the state of Idaho to practice law. I realized that all the judges as well as the attorneys are members of the same organization that protects their interests of those in the organization (against the people)

 How does this protect my freedom if all government entities have created protective barriers from the people that entrusted their protection to said government?

 I received a tremendous wakeup call a few years ago and I concluded the following:

 God created man, which gave "the people' inherent authority

 God creates history where man can learn from previous mistakes

 Man created government to protect the God given rights of man

 Man creates three branches, checks and balances, constitution and Bill of Rights to insure that protection.

 Government creates agencies at tax payer expense to protect themselves from "the inherent authority" the people that fund their government

 Governments create BAR licensed requirement to protect the judges and attorneys from "the inherent authority"

 Governments no longer have to answer to the people, even with regards to what the rule of law is.

 Governments create schools to revise the understanding that power from people is from the government and that if there is no God, government must be God.

 Government re-writes history and usurps the power, it was never given to restrict man and instead of protecting our freedom, it instead restricts our freedom in the name of security that knows no bounds.

 When governments have control over the people, they rule over the people. When all the power is inherent in governments, as history dictates, eventually governments then kill the people that created government to protect their rights, known as tyrants.

 Our society is like all others before in history. Our present course is set up to fail due to our ignorance of law and the misplaced power of authority. The end result of a failed society is chaos, mass genocide and return to bondage.

 t is my duty as a father of four sons and a candidate for representative in the state legislature of my district of children and parents, to protect their future from tyrants.

 With all due respect, if law enforcement really cares about what they do, to protect the people and to maintain a civil society one must know the origin of the problem, the warning signs and written history because with all the well-intended attempts this society will fail.

 Does a man have the right to fight for his freedom and the liberty of his state and nation without suffering the consequences of someone that doesn’t even understand the rule of law?

 As I understand it, the rule of law needs not to be dictated by tyrants but is written in the hearts and minds of men and confirmed by the only documents to preserve our freedom, called the constitution and our Bill of Rights and that any law, statute or ordinance that is repugnant to it, is null and void.

 If you are ignorant of this fact and you are a government official that has sworn that oath to uphold and defend the constitution, who is guiltier, one that understands the law and the importance of the oath or someone that doesn’t?

 I feel it is only fair to warn you that you have been duped into believing that law is whatever man says it is which  is not the case in America.

 We are the rule of law in a constitutional republic, framed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights, limiting government while preserving freedom,  not subject to  the whimsical law of man.

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