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Letter to the editor Middleton Gazette 1 2 2012

Letter to the editor Middleton Gazette 1 2 2012
Happy New year my friends!

Every new year we are blessed with new beginnings to ponder and correct errors that have been made in previous years and this is why I have decided to run for state legislature in the (old District 11 ) new District 9 which includes Middleton, Payette, New Plymouth, Fruitland, Letha and Star.

Some of you that know me understand me, those that do not may view me as a bit aggressive so I thought I would take this time to have you understand why.

As many of you know, I ran for legislature in 2010 because I was concerned about the direction we were headed, both as a state and as a nation. It shouldn’t be hard to see that things aren’t getting better because we aren’t doing anything any different… It is normal not to stray from our comfort zones.

I am here to offer something different, a return to the people’s fundamental protection of written law. I have spent the last five years educating myself exhaustively on the proper role of government through Constitutional, Biblical and common law, to obtain the wisdom and knowledge of both God and the “original intent” of our Founding fathers, through scriptures and our history with the desire to return to our proper role of government to the people, if they want it.

“We the people” are experiencing job and property loss, heavy taxation, increased regulation, and increased fiscal irresponsibility as part of a full scale assault from the federal government on the individual states. It is crucial we have leadership with solid principles who have the backbone to stand against opposition, listening to their constituents, without the arrogance of their self-imposed elevation of authority, that truly understands their oath.

The state and federal governments have drawn the line in the sand, and we need leadership that will place that toe on the line to meet their challenges who believe that God is the cornerstone of American liberty just as our Founders did and understand whatever we, as a nation did without His blessing would be in vain .

We were once a beacon of hope for all nations, and appear to be more of a nation of ironies and contrary to what the Founders had envisioned. What used to be a country of vision and harmony is being destroyed from within. Today, government seeks for more power as it tramples its own oaths in an attempt to re-engineer our Constitution.

Our Supreme Creator gave man certain inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property, as governments were created to protect those rights.

However, it is clear that evil or ignorant men have conspired to take away those rights, instead of protecting them. Presidents, Governors, Mayors and Councils have exchanged the protection of People’s Rights with endless laws and regulations to place you and I under their control “in the name of safety”.

Without the Constitution and Bill of Rights, one never knows which laws will be enforced, changed by decree or ignored by government. We are no longer free to make our own choices because we have allowed the government to dictate what we do while these tyrants excluded themselves of any responsibility for their own actions at the expense of the tax payer.

We no longer have a standard from which our laws are formulated. Law has become whatever a judge or regulator decides regardless of any moral or ethical consequences. We wish to protect our children in the short term at the expense and destruction of their economic future, teach our beloved children things like their rights come from government, instead of from God ( that can take them away), fund and support abortions as choice, killing thousands of innocent civilians in conflicts we deem “in our best interests” or “for the sake of freedom” or “in the name of security” by executive decree and spread something we shouldn’t even want for ourselves…Democracy.

We are a constitutional republic, a rule of law, the framework that limits government to “few and specific powers,” where both morality and religion are vital supports and the power is inherent in the people.

Our governments have filled us with packs of lies; they promised under oath to protect our rights and have decided to dictate them instead. Are you willing to trade every sacrifice made for your freedom for security and if not, where do you draw the line? We, as a nation, and the future of our children are on a dangerous path. We have been deceived and the time to wake up is now.

We can restore our freedom and liberty but not without the desire to reduce the size of government by the re-establishment of and re-education of our children about personal responsibility for it all starts at home, not at the State House!

I am just a regular guy running to fight for those who feel they cannot or will not fight for themselves, who love their family, District, state and country, and the freedoms granted to each one of us by Almighty God as I do.
If you agree, let us fight together to restore our Constitution and bring our state and nation back under the “rule of law.”

Please contact me and/or visit my websites,, or

Please contact me if you are willing to have meetings in your church, home, school, place of business or if you just have questions about who I am or issues that concern you. I am willing to have as many town halls as necessary to make sure the needs of my constituents are heard.

Don’t forget to register to vote and Vote for Tom Munds for District 9 Representative on May 15th, 2012!

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