Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter to the editor to Payette county

Intro Letter to the editor  1 5 2012 to Payette County

Are you optimistic about our future or more and more concerned? Can we return back to the principles of freedom through the proper role of government, fiscal responsibility and  the protection of our written “Rule of law” as our Founding fathers intended, where the power is inherent in the people ?

Do you feel properly represented in the legislature? Does the redistricting issue concern you about what options will be available to you in this election year?  Do you find yourself wondering if you can find a viable replacement?

It seems few if any understand the proper role of government and representation, both in the state house and in DC. “We the people” face a full frontal assault from every level of government due to the lack of understanding of proper representation and how to fight back. We have been conditioned to believe the power is in government rather than in the people.

Do you wonder if there is anyone in the state house that will stand and adamantly oppose the usurpation of your rights by either local or federal governments or both? I share the same concerns.

My name is Tom Munds and I am running for State representative in, so far, the new District 9 which includes: Payette County, Middleton, Letha and Star.

I have spent the last several years in deep comprehensive study in Constitutional, Biblical and Common law, government and American history to grasp not only the “original intent” of our Founding fathers but the proper Biblical role of government where the foundation of all law originates.

I welcome you to learn more about me. Visit my website, call or email me or offer to have town halls or meetings in your home.

Please visit or call 208-861-6405.

Please register and Vote for Tom Munds May 15, 2012!

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