Monday, January 16, 2012

Questions exposing Boise Councilman Alan Shealy

Several mponths ago I attended the Boise city smoking ban ordinance that flushed our our tyrannical councilman with a line of questioning that exposed something that should be an outrage!

This post is a bit late but as I thankfully hear both Kevin Miller and Austin Hill  still communicate the vile disrespect of the people of Idaho, when I questioned Boise councilman Alan Shealy and had him state in a public forum, that the constitution was BS, I felt it was important to post the questions that lead him out of his hole to show his true colors so that people will hopefully have a brief questionaniare that they can use to begin to politiely challenge government authority.

As I run for state legislature, I am proud to put myself out there to help return the power back to the people of this great state and I hope that this blog post and my website willbe seen not as combative but to uphold honor and integrity.

Here is the questions of that great evening that exposed where the power really is:

1. What form of government do we have today?
    A. If we are a democracythen majority rules.

    B. If we are a constitutional republic, we are bound by the rule of law whee government is to    preserve their rights not dictate them.

2. Is the US constitution the Supreme law of the land?

   A. If it isn't then feel free to continue arbitrary oppresive laws that violate the persons liberty.
   B. If it is, Please cite the constitutional provision that allowd these restrictions.

3. Shall the constitution be interpreted as our Founding fathers had intended or as a living breathing document?

   A. If it is as our founders intended, please state a quote a provision that allows such restriction
   B. If it is a living breathing document, may I introduce us to the totalitarian state.

Why aren't tobacco companies banned if it is so harmful?  Do you know why they aren't, because of the money!

Who will enforce these laws, police?
Will we now be crimminals for those who violate the smoking ordinance or should the city be the criminals for the failure to uphold their oath to protect our freedoms and deciding instead to dictate them?

If government was established to protect the rights of people, not to dictate them, where now, is the peoples guarantee that it will do as it is established and what confines governemnt to ensure the people it will not encrioach on the rights of the people? and what f they fail to do so.

As a law maker, what are your thoughts with regards to these issues? and what is your proposed recourse in nullifying such encroachments?

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